Friday, July 23, 2021

Repeating Rainbows!

sporadic, but colorful sewing happening in the sewing room these days! youngest daughter, BJ (13) wanted to make a Rainbow Quilt for her bed. how's a mother to say no? (purely a rhetorical question, of course! she doesn't...) 

using my AccuQuilt Studio2 cutter, we sorted through my stash of {white based} LV fabrics, and a nice gradation of rainbow colors, and cut out enough rectangles to make her a quilt about 80" X 90". 

BJ wants all the colors to be visible across the bed, so she designed/sewed it with the red rectangles at the top (pillow) end of the bed, going down through to the purples at the bottom. as you can see, the quilt is not all sewn together; it's still on my design wall. i'm loving this quilt, too. it's one of the best rainbow quilts i've seen... 

AND: i even have a finish to show! RSC19 was the year of the 9 patches for me: L/D centers, as well as eclectic AND bohemian color combos. i was hoping to mimic the soft and muted look of Jolene's quilt from Blue Elephant Stitches .

obviously, i didn't quite achieve that, but it's ok! this quilt was completed in time for our *big 4th of July bash*, and it's not really a quilt, per se, it's a tablecloth.  it's shown here on our schoolroom table, which is also the Big Crowds and Family Is Here So We Need More Places To Sit table. 

do you recognize the jelly cupboard in the corner? it's from our New Albany rental house. after a bit of scrubbing and wiping, i decided to bring it to our home and use it for extra schoolroom storage. although, i will say, after bringing it into a *relatively finished and clean* house, i can more clearly understand why it was relegated to the cellar in the first place. it's easy to see more potential in a cellar environment than may actually exist... 

there is no batting in this quilt- it's just the top and a backing. (just like our summer bed quilt.) i love how it turned out- i set the blocks on point, used a brown for the side setting triangles and the binding. ( i read somewhere that brown has all the colors in it; it's great to use it for binding a multi-colored quilt. i follow that advice often.) 

 there was a method to my madness in the laying out and design of this quilt, although it's hard to see in the quilt itself. the colored drawing above makes it much more obvious. i was going for the cascading, converging and melding of the lights/darks/rainbow colors. if you squint hard and run by quickly (or fill the table with lots of food) i guess you can see it?

anyway, if anyone asks, or wants to know, the name of this Family Tablecloth quilt is Converging Memories. there are fabrics from a lot of the sewing that I've done for the last 30+ years. as i was photographing the quilt this afternoon, i spotted a yellow calico from 1988 that was the kitchen curtains in our first home!

also: i should have refreshed my memory by reading my posts from when i first started these 9 patch blocks for RSC19. that was the year that i made the L/D 9 patches, as well as the eclectic AND bohemian 9  patches. i had blogged that i intended to make 2 tablecloth quilts: one for WITH the leaves and one for WITHOUT


well, this one will fit really well with just 1 leaf. (it fits fine with 2 and no leaves as well, but i wish i had remembered that... ) 

be sure to go see what everyone else is working on- there are lots of creative quilters to meet, and colorful quilts to see every Saturday morning over at Angela's blog

Thursday, July 22, 2021

a slower pace

since i've already worked through all my blues, i had some "extra" time this month for a couple other projects. 

i decided to do only 4 waffle blocks with my neutral squares. 

grey, tan, brown and black. 

since the main color of my waffle blocks has been the brown with the color of the month, i didn't think i really needed any more brown waffles. 

every year i enjoy participating in some sort of UFO quilty project. this year a reader let me know about the facebook group UFO Bingo. basically, you fill out a bingo card with your UFOs (repeats are good) and each month a letter/number is called. 

i happily jumped on board right before January 1, finding about 20 things for my Bingo card. i'm so excited to realize that i'm nearly done with every project/UFO that i had on my card! (i really work well under pressure. haha!) 

this month is G33, but i already "finished" that project into a flimsy. (my SnowflakeQAL top) so i chose a different project to work on. shown in these few pictures is the map fabric that i chose for my #onlyonequilt. (be sure to search the hashtag on instagram. there are some pretty amazing quilts out there!) 

 i'm about 1/3 of the way through piecing the blocks, and have a few ideas scrambling around in my head of how i'd like to do this quilt. but for now, it's just a work in progress. (or maybe some would say a squirrel!) 

click on over to Angela's on Saturday morning to see what everyone else is working on- we're over halfway done with RSC21! 

Saturday, July 10, 2021

dark and dreary sewing, dark and dreary Saturday

the weather has been a bit rainy and dreary around here this week, but no complaints from me! i'm pleased with the sewing i was able to do this week (mostly squeezed into a marathon late night last night, but that's ok!) 

7 wonky, twinkly stars added to the pile (grey, brown, tan and black)  

*i forgot to take a picture of the brights/black twinkly star... 

i did some more of the donuts and shoo fly blocks as well, in the darker colors. 

my darker blue efforts can be seen here  and here, JICYMI. when i planned on my shoo fly blocks and donuts as my RSC21 project, i pulled a *rather large* piece of yardage from my stash. (3++ yards, i think!) and thought that would be plenty to finish out the year...

 turns out, not quite! so these blocks are on a slight hold, until more fabric comes. i'm thankful for my KONA color card board, and a match was easily, quickly and confidently found, with no agonizing wondering if i was actually picking the correct color. the matching grey is KONA Lighthouse- a new color for me. 

make sure to go see what everyone else is working on- you're sure to be inspired!

Friday, July 02, 2021

finishing ALL the purples:

from the lightest (and darkest) pinks to nearly brown...

life is busy- but i do find some time to have some quiet time up in the sewing room, and keep up with my RSC projects. it's something i really enjoy! 

i added a few more twinkly stars to the growing, colorful pile. instead of keeping the blocks all 3x3, 4x4 or even 5x5 i decided to make them all random, according to the shades of the COM that i had. 

then, at the end of the year, i'll piece the blocks all together randomly, higgelty-piggelty style. i think it will be more interesting that way anyway... 

i made a whole slew of purple donuts and shoo-fly blocks, too. very happy with them as well!

 4 more waffle blocks join the wings, waiting for breakfast time in December. haha. 

i also finished a lingering RSC UFO- from 2019! i made a large pile of 9 patches- both light and dark, planning on making them into a tablecloth. we're having a *modestly sized church/family picnic* tomorrow {what was i thinking?!} and its debut is planned. stay tuned for a post about that. (the quilt, not the picnic, necessarily. i haven't' taken a picture of the quilt yet.. ) 

click on over the our favorite spot for Saturday mornings and see what everyone else is working on! 


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