Saturday, November 07, 2020

RSC16- and RSC20, too!

i've been sewing (and finishing!) behind the scenes, and have a couple quilts to share today.  

long-time RSC quilters will recognize the RSC16 column-along quilt. i did 2 that year, one to keep and one to share. they're all kona cotton solids, and i will say these quilts are one of my favorite RSC quilts we've done together. 

this RSC16 column quilt has been done (and gifted!) for awhile, but it was just recently quilted and bound. and observant readers will notice that it's a different quilt than the one shown in my header picture. (same donkey, though...) 

this crumb quilt is destined for a teen boy in residential foster care- Cameron. 

i "found" a home for this crumb quilt through Instagram: Quilt For A Child.  i know we all probably already have our donation connections filled, but just in case you're looking to spread the quilty love a bit further, click on over and check her out. 

and check out this fun "glamour" shot- artistically draped over a pallet outside our "little library". haha! originally, our farm was a 500+ acre dairy farm, but it's slowly gotten whittled down over the years to 7 acres, and just (basically) a hobby farm now. 

but the outhouse was a real, functioning necessity at one time. (double seater, even!) both girls and i had fun being outside this morning, and looking for photogenic places to take pictures of quilts. 

i have more quilts to share- finally finished the red stars quilt, started WAAAAAAAY back in 2015. and i'll be posting pictures of that soon. 

also: many sorries, but not including the clicky-link to angela's blog this morning. Norton seems to think some of the quilting blogs i follow are sketchy and suspicious looking. anybody know what's up with that? 


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