Wednesday, February 29, 2012

lots of progress, despite the busy, busy month!

i never worked on the "official" UFO for this month, (i did get it out and look at it, if that counts?)

BTW: does anybody know where i can find a quilt pattern for a stained glass quilt? freinds and i would like to make one, and i haven't been able to find a pattern yet... thanks!

i had several other pressing quilting projects that i needed to work on, and i got quite a bit done, all things considered...

this is a quilt i pieced for a friend. she plans on hand quilting it, and it's a gift for her grandson. Leona is working through all her grandchildren, giving them a hand quilted quilt as a gift from her. after this grandson, there is only one grand daughter left. maybe then she'll start all over again?

i pieced this top with my father-in-law when the girls and i went down to florida to visit a couple weeks ago. it's a take off on the jelly roll race quilt, but with bricks. the bricks are 2½" by 8", and there are 350 sewn end to end. let me just say that that was A LOT of bricks, and i don't plan on making one of these again any time soon!

this quilt was the 3rd charity top that i pieced this month, all for our church sewing group. (no pictures of the others, as that's really an on-going project that we work on twice a month during the winter.)

there is another quilt that i helped to piece, but it's still a secret, and i can't show it to you yet.

#8 was drawn for this month, and i have no idea where that one is!


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