Friday, October 23, 2020

"Luke! I am your father..."

haha! i've been telling myself all week as i've sewn these brown, black and grey quilty stars that i'm sewing on the dark side, hence the goofy title!

4 grey quilty stars, 4 blacks and a lonely brown quilty star. 

i forgot to up date my total for this quilty RSC project, but i think that brings it to 38 stars in all the colors of the rainbow. 

i'm debating how to put these stars together: layout? colors? size? how many quilts will i make?

considering it's nearly November (!!!) i really need to work harder on getting my RSC20 quilts together, and not just in a neat pile of pieced blocks in my sewing room drawers. 

i'm sure i'm not alone in this, but i do have quite the backlog of blocks to go into quilts- 6 WIPs just off the top of my head. ***quilter/blogger hangs head in shame. again.***

(also, not sure at all why the pictures are slammed up against the left column. for now, i'll just leave well enough alone.)

so now i'm off to the sewing room: i have my Snowflake quilt ready for quilting, and i also have a {Rainbow Crumb} quilt to finish, quilt, bind and send for a foster child for Quilt For A Child. (find her on instagram if you're looking for another outlet for your RSC/charity sewing) 

 and of course, don't forget to click back to Angela, our hostess with the mostest, and see all the other rainbow goodness as all the RSC20 quilts start to come back together. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

the end is in sight!

i threw this picture in just for fun; i found it again when i was going through my computer uploading my RSC pictures.

way back in the spring, when social distancing was in full force, a local photographer had this "virtual photo session" as a fund raiser for a local charity. the girls and i thought it would be fun to participate. we were all tickled with how it turned out: B (13), hubby Dave, me and A (14). even the cat, Millie and Walker the beagle are included. and believe it or not, it's a fairly accurate portrayal of our family. 

i missed posting in September (par for the course for me) so here's a bit of catch up on my RSC canoodling: 

4 yellow quilty stars blocks, my attempt at showcasing different yellows. and yes, the first one, cheddar yellow, does look quite a bit orange... 

i did show one of the August red stars in the proper month, but here's the rest of the red quilty stars. 

observant, (and regular?!) readers will notice that i had to switch the background fabric yet again for these guys. 

again, i tried to differentiate and showcase each of the different reds: red, maroon, rusty red and white reds. whenever i post these blocks on my Facebook page, they get alot of likes, so they do seem to be popular. 

 i'm nearly done with these quilty stars for RSC20- i'm just finishing up the brown, grey and black ones, so hopefully i'll be back soon to share the final installment... 

Instagram has been all aflutter with this year's #snowflakesewalong. i jumped in this year, and i'm pretty chuffed (been watching too many BBC shows and/or following British blogs/feeds...) at my snowflake- i used grey, aqua, navy, purple and black. 

i may pop back in to share that progress, too, soon. my snowflake quilt is already ironed and pin basted- nearly a personal record for me! in the meantime, be sure to click on over to Angela's blog on Saturday morning to see what everyone else is sewing for RSC20


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