Saturday, June 27, 2015

I couldn't ask for more!

it's a rainy Saturday morning, the garden chores are done (or at least done enough until Monday morning!) and I'm upstairs in the sewing room, making the rest of my D4P. (3" squares)

if you need me, don't call me- unless it involves bleeding from a major artery, or a broken bone.


Friday, June 19, 2015

a very busy week, but still time for a *tiny* bit of sewing...

 a couple relaxing evenings of sewing up in the sewing room, and I pieced, pressed AND trimmed 25 crumb blocks. who knew there were so many shades of green?

I'm going to hold off a bit on making my green sawtooth stars until I see how the RSC15 sampler quilt is laid out. i have so many different greens that I'm not sure which ones will look the best...

4 16 patches of aqua, and another green. I can't believe how many 16 patches (and all the other blocks) I have! funny how just a bit at a time really adds up over months of diligence....

it's also quite evident that I need an ironing fairy!
you can click and like here to see what I'm up to the rest of the week when I'm not in the sewing room. (and also see why I'm often too tired to even go upstairs for a bit of sewing!)
click over on Saturday morning to see all the other RSC15 projects.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Aqua and a bit of light blue...

a very small bit of sewing time this week, but I was able to sort out my aquas, and make 12 crumb blocks.

 I took 2 light blue crumb blocks that I had already made, and sewed them up into the sawtooth stars for this month's color. I guess the 2 aqua stars that I did might end up being extras...

all the rest of the rainbow loveliness can be found on Angela's blog.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

just a bit of aqua...

I don't have too many light blue scraps- I used all my blues back in January- it was easier for me to use the light AND dark, rather than separate them out. so this month i'll be working in my aquas, and also catching up with the greens, since I didn't quite get them finished.

first up is the scrappy 4 patches- and pressed, too!

I did get my scrappy 9 patches done (kona white, and scrappy black center). but once again, I did not manage to get them ironed. sometimes, you know, that iron is just too heavy to lift and push around after a long day in the garden...

last year (or was it two years ago?) I made the girls matching quilts for their beds. usually I cut off a 2½" strip from my fabrics, and toss them in the strip bin. i had many, many strips (still do, actually!) and wanted to make a smaller sized quilt that would match their bed quilts. Bonnie's scrappy trips to the rescue! I pulled all the bright colored strips from the strip bins and put them in my colander. (yes, I store all these strips in a VERY large, restaurant sized aluminum colander. it's really cool! I'll show you sometime...) the girls pull sets of 5, and then sometimes in the evening, i'll make a few blocks. it's relaxing and mindless- just what I need sometimes. (and those of you with an eagle eye will notice that 5 of the blocks up on the design wall are not pressed. I see a pattern here...
I also pieced 2 aqua saw tooth stars that I show here.
so: that's that! visit Angela's blog to see more of the RSC15 projects. I'm sure you'll be inspired! 


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