Saturday, March 26, 2022

yellows, kona cotton solids and a UFO, too!

i'm all done with my yellow and gold for March. in a fit of a brainstorm, i decided to start on the browns and blacks for November: my scrap jars are overflowing, and i enjoy having the mindless piecing of the crumb blocks at the end of a long day... (no pictures of the browns and blacks yet, but soon...)

but, here's the rest of my yellow projects for RSC22. (above) starting on the left of the design wall is the yellow blocks for my Two Step Quilt. Next are the framed 4 patches with Kona neutrals

(i didn't piece any yellow house blocks for March- with the Kona School Bus background fabric, there would not be enough contrast in the colors...) 

the 1930's blocks on the right are an ancient UFO.( i belong to a Facebook group, UFOBingo, and it's helped me get some of my UFOs to the DONE pile!) This month is G-34, and that was my stack of 1930's reproduction blocks. (it's been in the UFO queue for YEARS now...) 


this quilt was in the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine February 2007 edition.( I TOLD you it was an old UFO!) i thought it would make a beautiful quilt for baby BJ, and after she was born, we realized that the blue in the quilt perfectly matched her blue eyes... 

anyway, there was SO MUCH fabric left, and i originally intended to make a matching quilt for our bed. (baby BJ shared our room for a while.) but it took me so long, and the baby grew up (she's 14 now!), we moved, and life just moved on while the blocks sat in a drawer in the sewing room. but February 2022 was the time- i got the blocks back out, sat down with my EQ5, and figured out how i wanted to put the blocks together. 

there were so many blocks that i decided to make 2 quilts- very similar, but different. and actually, these are the first "round robin" quilts that i've ever done. EQ5 made the math *almost* painless, and i'm really happy with how they turned out. (both quilts are 76" square)

at the moment, i 'm thinking one of these quilts for B's bed, (eventually) and i'm undecided about the other one. it's a toss up between A, or my daughter-in-law, P. the{machine} quilting will be baptist fan. 

 the above square turned out too big for the center of the second quilt. instead of ripping it out and fixing the *bad math* i just made another center medallion. (which fit perfectly, thank goodness!) 

so now all the blocks are used up (and giving me 2 baby/dolly quilts for my daughters or granddaughters) and a long-neglected UFO has moved forward with some serious progress! 

Friday, March 25, 2022

yellow- it means Spring: she's really creeping up on us!

crocus in the side yard, forsythias peaking out, daffodils on the kitchen table: yellow means spring is finally coming! 

as usual, i've been busy in the sewing room, but absent here on the blog. i've got a nice little section of yellows pieced for my HST RSC22 quilt- every yellow from pale butter to deep cheddar. (typing that makes me hungry!) 

there's also a nice little pile of yellow crumb blocks: 52 to be precise! 

even though my yellow scraps shared a jar with the orange scraps, there were still many more block possibilities in there than i thought!

again- lots of yellows- butter, golden, almost orange, almost browns, sunshine, lemon and cheese, too!

i see a food theme emerging here... 

 last, but not least, a few "railroad' rectangles and squares. (some from last month, too) i'm uncertain what i'll be doing with these- i guess i figure it out as i go! 

be sure to visit Angela, our hostess for RSC22 and be inspired! 

Saturday, March 05, 2022

just a zippy-quick pop in!

i know it's been quiet over here. quiet like a duck! haha... everyone else has been busy though! go see all the colorful projects they're working on! 

I'm not sure what I've been so busy with, but I've not spent too many evenings in the sewing room. no complaints, tho... i have 43 aqua crumb blocks to share today! 

these blocks (they'll finish at 6") have been done for a while, just waiting for me to get them trimmed. 

lots of different scraps- not quite green, not quite blue... i guess that's what makes them aqua! haha...

i did get a start on my  yellow and gold RSC blocks, and hope to have some more time to sew this weekend. 

and a few rectangles and squares for good measure (9½" X 4½" and 4½" square). i started piecing some of this size back in RSC18, and petered out after a few colors. so I'm back at it this year, and have some ideas up my sleeve... 


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