Saturday, July 22, 2017

sewing the blues

blue squares were the project of the week...

it was a crazy, busy week (but don't most of us say that every week?)but I got just a bit of sewing time in .

looking forward to finishing some blue this week- 16 patches and maybe get a start on the crumb blocks.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

my blue squares had baby blues!

when Angie said that us quilters have lots of blues, she must have been thinking of my blue stash! yikes!

these are just the 3"' squares- all ??? of them! after a busy, busy week, I was finally able to sort them all last night- and it was a Big Job.
and the blues? there's Royal blue. and Baby blue. don't forget Sky blue and Slate blue. of course there's Navy blue and Light blue, just for good measure.
all these squares have been sorted into the piles for my low volume plus blocks, and the 16 patches. I'm off to the sewing room for some much needed relaxing sewing time- after linking up to Angies blog, of course, and seeing what everyone else is up to.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

it's a good thing I can swim...

or I'd be drowning in all my blues over here!

I finished my blues and indigo Kona Cotton 16 patches- loving them just as much as ever...

it's taken me the rest of the week to put a dent in the taming of all my other blue scraps.  I just have a few oddballs left to sort and trim, and then I'm ready to work on my low volumes with the blues: a low volume plus, and the low volume 16 patches.
and the crumbs: it's a mountain of crumbs that will take several (many?!) evenings to sew into the blue crumb blocks.

better get busy! click on over to angie's to see what everyone else is working on...

Saturday, July 01, 2017

yellow: happy quilter, happy life...

I promise I do other  things in my life besides quilting with RSC! we have a full and busy life, I just most often use my blog (these days) for quilting related link ups... 
it's July 1- and we're on to blue now. I still have a few yellows to finish up, but got them all done! now I'm ready to tackle the blues. as Angie pointed out- blues are often a huge color for us quilters, and I'm no exception!


I had a pleasantly surprising infusion of yellow scraps the last couple weeks- 2 friends stopped by and gave me a bag of scraps. it's fun to sort through, and have some fresh scraps to add to all the RSC projects.

again- the yellows are interesting: pale yellows that make me wonder if they should go in with the low volume scraps, bright sunshiny yellows, goldish yellows and then the cheddars that make me wonder some more if they should go in with the oranges... 43 (in all) yellow crumb blocks- I'm going to have to think of something great to do with all my crumb blocks- I have lots, too!

click on over to Angie's to see what other scrappy goodness is showcased this week!


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