Monday, March 31, 2014

making progress on that mystery- TWO stars at a time!

Judy's Tell It To The Stars is coming along nicely. and I'm loving it so far! this months blocks were constructed a bit differently, but went together nicely. I think I did swap the colors a little bit- I wanted my stars to be yellow.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

in which the blogger finally gets her colors right!

after a bit of confusion on my part, and suddenly remembering that I DID have teal/aqua scraps (neatly stored in a different place) I made some more blocks for RSC14. I'm loving how these blocks are turning out, and it's fun to look at all the other blocks that are being made, too...

click over here to see more blocks and inspiration!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

RSC14- green!

May 10, 2014:

I pieced my green blocks back in March- the disorganized (or too organized?) quilter had stored the teal/aqua scraps somewhere different, and could not find them. so she used green that month instead.

but actually, my original mistake turned out to work very well. this month we're super busy planting (what farmer is NOT crazy busy in May?) and we also have a wedding (in Tennessee, no less!) at the end of the month, so there is not much sewing time here these days.

above are my green blocks- all 12 of them. and below is the general idea of where I'd like to go with all my rainbow crumb blocks. can't wait! (but it's definitely a work in progress, and will not be completed too quickly!)
I designed my rainbow quilt on EQ5-  I'm not even sure if it's an original! I was inspired by lots of the quilts I saw on so scrappy's rainbow pinterest board, and some ideas from Sunday Morning Quilts as well. ( Cheryl and Amanda designs are intriguing to me- I love to haunt their blogs!)
and on a completely unrelated note: have you heard about the new mystery quilt? I know I'm crazy, but I'm in!
one quick question: does anyone know if we'll be doing black/brown/grey/white as part of the RSC14? I know they're not technically "rainbow", but I do have a fair amount of scraps in those colors...


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