Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tell It To The Stars: Judy's mystery quilt

I fell behind with the mystery quilt in august (those edge setting triangles looked very daunting!) but after visiting all the other quilters that HAD completed theirs, I was encouraged that they were not quite as hard as they looked. (I'll agree- they weren't!)
so now I'm all caught up, and even a little bit ahead for now!
sorry for the odd lighting in the picture- it's the afternoon sun shining through the leaded window in the front door. ( I meant to take a  better picture, but never got around to it, I guess...)
and I'm still just as please at how it's turning out- can't remember the final size off hand, but hoping that there are some more beautiful borders to go on...
ANDANDAND: I was the lucky winner of Vicki's stash pack last month! I chose Thrive, and I'm looking forward to making it into a baby quilt for a dear friend and her newest little daughter. many enthusiastic thanks to Vicki and Judy for doing this mystery! I can only hope that we'll do another one in 2015!

here's the link to the quilt I made for baby Adalaide

Saturday, September 27, 2014

it's a case of better late than never...

September was supposed to be a slower month for us, but it was just as busy... I did sneak away to the sewing room a few times, and made some more orange crumb blocks.

after looking around the scrap jars, scrap suitcase and scrap strips, I realized that I'm not making too much of a dent in those orange scraps. so, taking a clue from Julie, I decided to add a couple more blocks to my monthly piecing journey. split 4 patch was an obvious choice with my 3" squares. I have a whole (vintage) suitcase full of 3" squares- in many colors. orange was a good (not overwhelming) color to start with.

and STILL I had many, many squares! so I made a 9 patch with a Kona White center. and still the squares... so then a 16 patch of different oranges. I'm happy with my little pile of orange blocks- and I'll just continue to plug away at the colors for the next couple months.

click on over to soscrappy to see what other orangey-ness others have been doing all month. can't wait to see what October will be!
or the next couple years... RSC15? I'm in!


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