Friday, June 24, 2016

Snippets of aqua

a jot of aqua... a morsel of aqua... a chunk, a dollop a shred of aqua... a speck, a dose, a pinch of aqua... Roget's was helpful with my boring title, but I guess i'll stick with snippets...

the gardens are doing well, and we have enough help, and every oncet in a while I have a bit of energy AND time and sneak off to sew some of my aqua RSC16 June. (I'm still a faithful visitor and sporadic commenter to all you more productive RSCers, though...)

I have more aqua than I thought- I got 14 crumb blocks, 12 of which are pictured here.

a few granny squares have made it into the pile, and I'm still working on finishing up a couple green grannies, as well as my green crumb blocks.

the nights have been blessedly cool, and I've been watching Mr. Selfridge on amazon prime. a nice way to wind down after a long and hot day!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

quilt in action!

I'm still here, and still finding small snippets of time to sew. I have my teal crumb blocks done, as well as some teal granny squares. (I shared them on instagram). not much time for blogging, though, that's why I've not posted for several weeks. maybe next week...
here is my Farmer's Market quilt in action... I get lots of comments on it... AND: if you have time this week, go to your community's Farmer's Market and support a local farmer- they'll be happy you did, and you'll eat well!


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