Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June's UFO- and a perfect #8 it is!

project #8: this is an ancient UFO- maybe started 17 years ago? it's been so long that i can't even remember! a friend and i started this as a quilt to donate to some charity (can't even remember that!) so I'll finish this and take it into our scraps to wraps to be knotted and donated to the MCC.

this month Judy drew #8. and it's perfect! i worked on this quilt this winter at scraps to wraps, so it's already pieced. (a friend took it home to hand quilt it)

since I'm so busy in the garden, ( i really should do a post about our CSA/market garden one of these days...) and i have a few other quilts that I've been hired to piece, I'll use the "extra" time this month to do them!


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