Saturday, May 30, 2015

it's all about the green- inside AND out!

 it seems silly to even mention that it was a busy week in the gardens... we planted tomatoes (300 Roma), 70+ hot peppers, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, 150 late cabbages, hydroponic lettuce and other stuff I can't remember...(it all blurs together after awhile!)

there were a couple evenings that I was able to find some time and energy to sew upstairs, and I finished my 9 patches- AND even ironed them!

I also finished numerous strip sets for my zig zag quilt, and even got them pressed. I was too tired to get them cut into the 4½" sections, so will work on that this weekend. click on over to Angela's to see the last week of greens. so much inspiration in one place!

Friday, May 22, 2015

a little bit of pressure goes a long way!

it was a busy, busy week here, and if not for the pressure of my local quilt groups UFO15 project that was due on Friday afternoon, I probably wouldn't have gotten any sewing done at all.

as it happened, I "finished" my BOM top at 9:30PM Thursday night. ahem... even though I know I work better under pressure, sometimes it gets a bit ridiculous...
I was in a hurry (or tired) and forgot to lay out the final row of sawtooth stars on the quilt, but it's all done now. I still need to add borders, but since I changed my mind about the color, I'll have to get more fabric. I love the way it turned out- but it was a killer to make all of those tiny stars. ack!

in other news, I've realized that even though I'm being really diligent and creative, I'm not working through my 3" squares like I'd like to. so- I've pulled all the ones that I'm fairly sure I won't use, and I'm offering them to the first reader/commenter who would like to use them for any project.
I'd like to see them actually used, instead of hoarded, so I'm passing them along. keeping it moving, so to speak.
the stack is over 7" high- I have no idea how many squares are actually there, but it's A LOT! 99% cottons, and many, many different kinds of fabrics: vintage, shirtings, calicos, solids, pretty, ugly...

please let me know you'd like them in the comments below- I'd be so happy to pass them along. (or you can e-mail me at djcap8 at frontiernet dot net )

and I can't wait to see what YOU will do with them!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

bits of green all over!

another busy week here; it feels redundant to mention it! of course it's busy- it's spring on the farm!

I made 40 4 patches-and even managed to press them, too! woohoo!

on another note: I've noticed this before, but never said anything: the kindle takes TERRIBLE pictures! the iPhone pix are much better, but pictures on the kindle are easier for me to upload onto my blog...

also: don't forget the hashtag #rainbowscrapchallenge2015 on instagram!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

with nothing "pressing" going on...

haha! did you get the pun in the title? nothing "pressing". ha! even though these blocks are pieced, they are not pressed or starched. i'll save that for another day... it was a busy week, with lots going on- potatoes and onions to plant, mulch to lay... the list goes on and on.

however- Dave worked 2-11 every day this week, so instead of working out in the fields or gardens until dark, I worked until dinner time. that left me with a  few evening hours to sew.

I already had the squares cut out, so it was very soothing and peaceful to just sit at the machine and repetitiously sew and sew.

some of these fabrics I've had for many years- dresses for my daughters (my oldest daughter is 25 now!), dresses, aprons and doll clothes from my youngest daughters, shorts, shirts and jackets for my 3 boys (24, 24 and 22).

perhaps the biggest reason I love making scrappy quilts, and working with my saved scraps is because of the fond memories it brings from when my older children were little. those were busy days... but the happy memories that the fabrics brings back just adds another layer of meaning and sentimentality to my scrappy quilts.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

one way or another, there is green!

spring has truly and really arrived, so there is not much time for green sewing. after 2 evenings of sorting, pressing and cutting, I have this table of green 3" squares. with the exception of a small pile of scraps that were given to me, this is all my green.
every month I think- "oh, good. color XXX.  I don't have too much of that color; this shouldn't take too long. this month I was wrong again! I also went through my Christmas green; I'll be making a scrappy Christmas quilt (in an effort to use all. those. squares.)!
on the encouraging side, though, is this picture of my green basket. look how much of my green I was able to put to use- some for my squares and strips, and I gave a bunch of greens that I won't use to my church sewing group.

I spent a lot of time on the tractor tilling this week. it's great to be able to finally work the soil in preparation for planting!

we planted the high tunnel tomatoes this week- and they're doing great! even a few blossoms on many of the plants.


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