Saturday, April 17, 2021

blue skies and yellow daffodils...

 my blues are SOOOOOOOOOOOO plentiful! i've had some sewing time, and have begun to make my RSC21 blue blocks. i have the shoo fly and wonky twinkle stars to show today. 

i know our gracious hostess has called the light blue for this month, with darker blues to be saved for another month, but honestly, it's just easier for me to sew all my blue blocks, instead of spending time to sort the color twice. 


18 shoo fly blocks were added to my blue RSC21 collection. i did 7 wonky, scrappy twinkle stars, too. 


with only 1 duplicate in my wonky stars, there are 137 different 3" squares in these blocks! YIKES! 

but: remember, i did say i have ALOT of blues. totally not kidding here...

many, many different dresses, bags, quilts, projects, gifts, skirts, pillowcases, shirts, crib sheets, bibs and aprons are represented in these squares. 

and here's some more happy news: my DIL, P, commented on instagram that she REALLY likes the scrappy twinkle stars. so, i'm planning on gifting the quilt to her when it's done! it makes me happy to know that i'm sewing the quilt for her, and it will have a happy home when it's done, and not just sit as a pile of finished blocks.

*ahem* not that that ever happens around here...


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