Monday, October 31, 2011

not much to harvest, but the harvest quilt is done!

due to the all the flooding that we had in September, our gardens were abruptly done. that's left me with more time for quilting. (after cleaning, laundry and cooking, of course. of course!)

finally finished this cute little table runner, and with a few modifications, I'd make it again. thimbleberries can be so frustrating and twiddly sometimes.

project #3: another quick quilt. this one is for sale, if you want it when it's done!

here's the project drawn for this month- and a great one to do before Christmas comes!

this is a "quilt" that i recently finished. the husband stopped, and wanted me to make a quilt for his wife. while the final result was a surprise, she did stop by one afternoon, and designed this quilt from pictures that she saw in one of my books. i say "quilt" because it's really a duvet cover, although sometime it could be bound like a traditional quilt. although i would say this is the first and last quilt I'll do with so much applique, I'm happy with how it turned out!

we had snow last Saturday (crazy weather around here!) and i had previously promised A that we would sew together during the first snowstorm. although she was initially disappointed that we were sewing the simple 4 patches, and not a doll dress, she was very pleased with the final results.

A is 5, and she was so proud of the 7 blocks that she pieced. she's got them sewn into a table runner, and would like to finish it to give to her Sunday school teacher.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

it's a most fortunate day!

i managed to finish BOTH #11 AND #7 in Judy's 2011 UFO challenge!

this quilt is #7 in the challenge, and the official one for September. you can see a peek of both the quilting and backing in this picture. I'll do the binding today- a perfect project for a cool, rainy day when I'm not feeling well....

this quilt is #11, which was pulled for august. despite having gotten a head start on this, i was unable to completely finish it last month. now it's done, and ready to go to the quilters. i really love the fresh, bright colors in this- it's different from most of the quilts that i would usually pick to do.

i had fallen behind in last month's project (#7) because of the gardens, but was determined to finish this month's project (#11). i was feverishly quilting last night, and even though I'm going to do the binding today, I'm calling it finished!

here is the UFO project pulled for October: #5 ~

project #5: this thimbleberries pumpkin table runner is nearly done. it just needs quilted and bound. the long edges get binding, while the shorter have prairie points on them. ( i had the prairie points all cut and pressed but somebody seems to have thrown them out! i can only find 2 out of the original 16!)

since this is "all but" done, I'm pretty certain (and pleased) that i should be able to get this one done! and what perfect timing, Judy- this fall table runner will look perfect on the pie safe in my hallway this harvest season! (and i don't think I'll be waiting until midnight the night before the deadline to be finishing this one!)


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