RSC21 quilts

here's a quick synopsis of the quilts (blocks?) that I started for RSC21, and some of the finished quilts and flimsies from this colorful year!

here's my Family Holiday Tablecloth- these L/D centered 9 patches are from RSC19. the tablecloth is pieced to fit on the table with both leaves in. we used it at thanksgiving. lots of memories around the table; lots of memories in the fabrics represented. 

this is quilted with just straight lines, and no batting. 

this quilt is designed and pieced by my youngest daughter, BJ. (she's 14) it's back from the quilter, and just waiting for the binding. (maybe today?!) it's all scrappy- and we both LOVE it! 

the rectangles were all cut from my stash, and we used the Studio2 cutter rectangle die- 3" X 6" finished. 

I'm still working on the #fullstop quilt. i have a few punctuation marks to catch up on, obviously... 

this quilt belongs to my other daughter, AK. she started the embroidery on this quilt shortly after she received the kits as a present for her 7th (?) birthday. (A will be 16 this summer

this quilt is one of my favorites EVER. A did a great job persevering (nearly half her life. ha!) in getting this done, and she did a great job designing the colors/outlines of the blocks. (using Kona cotton, of course!)  She also won a blue ribbon for this quilt at our County Fair last summer. 

during RSC21 i continued using 3" squares from the abundance in my drawer. 

2 quilts i pieced were the Waffle Blocks- both light and dark. i used scrappy LV squares in the one top, with and in the other, it's brown waffles and the COM squares. 

donuts and shoo fly blocks were my other RSC21 project this year.  i used LOTS of the 3" squares, made LTOS  of blocks, and ended up with 2 (60" X 80" ish) quilt tops. one is already quilted, and will get ready to head down to the PA Relief Sale this spring

this wonky Twinkle Stars is a recent finish- and a favorite finish, too! so many fabrics and memories in this quilt. i plan to finish it soon, and will most likely quilt it myself. 

these 3 quilt tops are pieced from the RSC20 quilty stars. These blocks are fun to play with! (and easy to make, too! i used the 3" squares from my never-ending drawer, and 5½" squares in both the backgrounds and yardage in the COM.) 

I'm just now realizing that i didn't post about these completed tops here on the blog! yikes! 2 of these qilt tops were tied, and saved for local donation through our church sewing group Scraps to Wraps (S2W). the other will be quilted and dontated for another MCC Sale- maybe Washington?

RSCing has been great for me- (getting ready to start on YEAR 9!!!) i get lots of blocks/quilts/tops done (although I'm obviously terrible about blogging about them!) and i enjoy the creative and relaxing outlet. Most of all, though, i enjoy the quilty community that's a big part of it! and, dear reader, THAT'S YOU! thanks for reading and thanks for stopping by!


maggie fellow said...

oh such fun eye candy today- happy new year

Kathy S. said...

So many great projects. Thank you for doing a blog post with all of them--and awesome photos to boot. I love your choice for using the colors in the background of Full Stop. It's so sweet that your daughters are sewing as well. Woohoo. Looking forward to what 2022 has in your sewing world.

Susie H said...

You had a great 2021. I bet 2022 will be even better. You certainly add to the weekly "quilt show" at RSC and I've enjoyed watching your quilts progress from scraps to actual quilts.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Lots of beautiful quilts to show from your 2021! I love that your girls are quilting now, too. Your rainbow wonky star is one of my favorites!

Linda said...

Gorgeous collection of photos of your work! So bright and cheerful, a feast for the eyes. Clever daughters following in your footsteps top. How lively! Happy New Year and Happy RSCing In 2022.

Deb A said...

What a great selection of rainbow quilts! So many beautiful quilts created from colorful scraps. Love that Twinkle Stars - such a fun one.

scraphappy said...

So many great projects this year! I do love those wonky stars though. Looking forward to seeing the quilting finished on that one.

Jenny said...

So nice to see your achievements and its wonderful that your daughters are enjoying this hobby too. Happy New Year to you and your family.

The Joyful Quilter said...

It appears that 2021 was such a colorful year of quilts, Jennifer. Wishing you a Quilty New Year!

Sandy Panagos said...

SO many great projects. What a great idea to make a custom tablecloth. It's lovely. Congrats to your daughter on her finish. It's really cute.


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