Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Judy chose #2 for May- my "penguin stars". i missed working on this one during last year's UFO challenge, but maybe this year i'll get to it!

project #2: another block win (i showed these before). not sure on the plans for this quilt, but the book that A is holding (if you were a penguin) has inspired some colors/ideas that I'd like to try. the white/black/blue/yellow/orange color combo really intrigued me one day as i was reading this book to the little girls.

here's a quick layout that i did this morning on my EQ5 (no, i don't have the latest version number 7, but 5 seems to be working just fine for me!)

this is a pretty simple layout, but i'll probably stick with it. i had originally thought to do puss in the corners as the alternate block, but i like the way the square in a squares emphasize the stars and diaganol layout. plus- the S in a S are easier to do- always a plus!


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