RSC19 quilts

a bit of backlogging and playing catch-up....

RSC19: i gathered 1 of every {different} 3" square from my stash, and pieced it into this top, along with the alternate square of Kona stratosphere. 

my design was inspired by Amanda's quilt. i quilted this top with a simple cross-hatch through all the blue squares. it's intended to be used as a summer quilt, as there is no batting- only the backing. it's a very nice, light weight quilt

any light blue squares were set aside; i then pieced 2 pillows, using Kona duckling. 

obviously, the cat approves of the whole project. the above picture was taken yesterday. (it was cold out) the below picture was taken on a hot day in August. i've read somewhere that there is a formula for telling the temperature by how a cat is laying. i can believe it! curled up tightly = cold. sprawled out flat as a pancake = hot! 

my RSC17 project was these 16 patches in the COM with Kona indigo. (are you seeing a theme going here?) i had it quilted in baptist fans, and it now lives on our bed. (currently 1 of 3 quilts!) 


i prefer my quilts wider, rather than longer. (i get hot feet!) consequently, the rows of color are vertical on the bed, rather than horizontal. mostly,  so when one of us rolls over, there is still quilt covering the other one. 

sometimes i do my rows/blocks horizontal; that way all the colors can be seen on the bed, and not loose some of the pattern/colorway in the drop on the sides. (does that even make sense?!) 

these 2 rainbow quilts were gifted to my youngest daughters in February 2019. technically RSC projects from 2016 & 2018, but 2019 is when they were finished. 

A's quilt is a 9 patch with indigo; B's quilt is the column-along from RSC16. 

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