Friday, August 13, 2021

August = Aqua

the people at my house keep asking (or thinking) if things will slow down after next week? i'll join them in thinking that i only can hope so!

a few random evenings, or treasured afternoon moments have produced a good start on my aqua blocks for August. (after i received my snail mail package of Kona lighthouse. emphasis on snail mail.) 

my shoofly and donut blocks were at a standstill until i had a fresh infusion of the grey background fabric. 

i'm sure i say this for every color, but i had WAY more aqua in my stash {of 3" squares} than i would have guessed... 

a few waffle blocks were constructed, too, and just have some more waffle blocks (with aqua yardage), the Full Stop question marks and the twinkle stars to go. 

our summer has been busy, that's accurate. but i can't really help but wonder why- we're not doing a CSA this year, and our garden is quite small. (by normal people standards). i have been making lots of pickles, that's true (70+ quarts and counting) 

and watching the 3 grandchildren several times a week is part of our normal routine. we're raising meat birds for our freezer this winter, and hubby got a steer, too. (Beef) Wellington is 6 weeks old; he's still fed milk replacer twice a day. Welly will be ready to butcher for steaks and burger in the winter of 2023. 

so, we just keep plugging away with All. The. Things. and life is good here on the little farm.


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