RSC17 quilts

this low volume plus quilt was started (and the top was completed!) in 2016, but it hung in my sewing room closet for a few months. when I finished (and sold) my RSC15 Rainbow Sampler, it left me with a naked bed- no more RSC quilt to snuggle under each night! (and also with a bit of "extra" cash to send 2 quilts to my longarm friend)

it wasn't hard at all to decide which 2 to send- so off went my Low Volume Plus quilt, along with my Split 4 Patch quilt.

both quilts are totally scrappy, and have so many different fabrics- and memories- that it's * a pleasure * to make my bed each morning. (ha!)

my Split 4 Patch (made with 3" squares) was started late in RSC14. it took me RSC14 and RSC15 to get the blocks all pieced in the color of the months. I assembled the top in RSC16, and now, finally, during RSC17 it's quilted, bound and on my bed!
Daisy the (miniature) donkey, knows that QUILT + CAMERA = YUMMY TREATS for the donkey.
this RSC16 Column-Along was from last year, but I've finally finished it to the flimsy stage. it's all solids- Kona Cotton, of course, with almost 100 different colors in the 9 rows. I'm not usually a fan of the MustBeInRainbowOrder Club, but I'm so glad I did it with this quilt. I'll put this (58"X72"ish) quilt in our Annual Quilt Gifting this December 2017.

My second RSC16 Column-Along quilt is done! I'm calling it Rainbow²! it's "inside out" compared to its companion quilt, but I like it! I made 2 because I had a sneaky feeling that i would really like this design done in Kona Cotton solids and have a hard time parting with it. I was right! thanks, Angie, for designing such a great quilt! 

several years (2?) of piecing 2½" strip sets, and I had enough to complete this pinwheel quilt. so many fabrics in this quilt- and so many memories! my youngest daughter, BJ chose this quilt in our Great Quilt Gifting of Christmas 2017. ( I blogged about this quilt here. )

I pieced SO MANY strip sets that there were pinwheels left over! I pieced another (smaller ) quilt top. but somehow, between the laying out on the design floor, and the piecing together of the top, it seems to have gotten a bit jumbled.

but that's ok- I'm calling it Windswept  Pinwheels.  I started in in RSC15, and although it went through several design phases, it's done now, and in the donation pile. (even the backing and binding is done!)

this quilt, Rainbow Boxes, was started and completed (to the flimsy stage) in 2017. how's that for amazing? (all stash, all 3" squares) this quilt, also, was in the Great Quilt Gifting, but no one chose it. honestly? I'm not sad about that! I really like this one, and i plan to quilt it myself this year. it's #8 on my UFO18 list


The Joyful Quilter said...

BOTH quilts turned out beautifully!! Enjoy!

Monica said...

Yes, they are both beautiful. And I'm sure they look gorgeous on the bed!

Cathy said...

I love both of those quilts, but especially the plus quilt. That's because I've been doing pluses all year for the RSC. I want my quilt to be even half as awesome as yours when it grows up!!


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