Tuesday, April 23, 2019

aqua- such a cheery color!

APRIL! it's been here awhile, and i've been sewing a bit.  just now taking the time to post about my blocks. 

April is a busy time on the farm- so much to do, and all the spring work hits at once! we've hit the ground running with tilling, plowing, discing and planting some of the earliest crops. it won't really slow down too much until we hit the lull in mid-June or so. then we gallop along again until September, where we wind down and are done early October. 

i've enjoyed a few quiet moments piecing my aqua 9 patches, and a "split rail" of sorts. i don't have too much aqua, so that's been a good thing. 

i have no aqua yardage, so there will be no isosceles triangle quilt this month, which is just as well, really... 

i have a modest jar-full of aqua scraps and crumbs- i'll be piecing my (6½") crumb blocks in the next week while waiting to see what Mays color will be. in the meantime, click on over to Angie's So Scrappy on Saturday and see what everyone else has been sewing on. 


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