Friday, June 28, 2019

sewing the summer blues!

i did have a finish this month: as in FINISHED! quilted, bound, washed and on the bed finished!

woohoo! this scrappy 16 patch has been in the works for awhile. it never made it to the UFO status- just a sluggish WIP. 

i quilted it myself- straight line quilting through the kona stratosphere blues with no batting. (just like A's RSC18 kona quilt that i gave her for valentine's day)

it's a perfect summer quilt. quilting the top and backing with out batting makes it feel more like a sheet or light-weight blanket, but it still has the aesthetic beauty of a quilt, and looks nice on our bed.  the backing is cheddar orange (or yellow?) it's a long hoarded favorite piece that i'm thrilled to finally see in use! 

the pictures are a bit out of order, but the 2 pillows at the top of the post go with this quilt. (obvious, i guess...) i pulled out all the medium blues as i was piecing the top- i didn't want the patchwork pattern to get lost with blues that were "too blendy" with the kona stratosphere. i used them to make two (22") pillows, complemented with kona duckling. 

the quilt measures about 82½" X 102½" after washing. every morning when i make my bed, i spot so many different fabrics, and it brings back happy memories of my children when they were smaller, my grandchildren that are small now and already have fabrics that are "theirs", and many other projects and special people in my life, too. 

June was blue- or was it green?

although the "official" color of June was (is) blue, for me it seemed like it was really green!

so many green things growing: hydroponic lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, kale, swiss chard, herbs, sweet and hot peppers, pumpkins, summer squash, zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, sweet corn... 

our CSA/Farm Share pickups have started, and with our biggest group of members ever, it's keeping me busy. and mostly exhausted, too. 

i did sort out all my 3" blue squares at the beginning of the month, and sewed 16 of my eclectic and bohemian 9 patches- 8 with dark centers, 8 with light centers. 

9 of my "split rails" of sorts blocks happened, too. i also cut out my isosceles triangle quilt for this month- a dark {and ugly} Kansas Troubles blue with a creamy calico as the alternate triangle. there was so much of the KT that it's the backing and binding, too! 

click over to Angela's SoScrappy blog- lots of beautiful blues happening over there. (and soon it's a new month and new color- can't wait!) 


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