Saturday, October 29, 2016

One square at a time, and progress is made!

I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with all my RSC16 piecing. Just a few more black, red and yellow granny squares, and then that project is done for this year!

I have a suitcase full of 3" squares- I started the task of cutting my scraps that size way back in RSC14, when I worked through my stash to get it more manageable. READ: useable. I've made many, many quilts from those 3" squares! I love the size: not too big, not too small. Just Right! ( I should call them my Baby Bear Squares! ha!)

for RSC15 I pieced 4 patches in monochromatic colors. I ended up with probably about 200 of them. the 4 patches sat, until inspiration struck. I had Bonnie Hunter's book, (can't remember which one...) and she did a bow-tie quilt. 

seemed like a good idea! so I paired my 4 patches with (a few more) 3" squares from the suitcase, as well as Kona ivory, papaya and storm to make this quilt. it finishes at a whopping 101" square! i'll use up some black prints from my stash for the backing, and then it's ready to be quilted for one of the MCC relief auctions next year.
I'm working on updating the RSC tabs at the top of my page (I  might have mentioned that before... ) and one of these days I'll surprise you all (and myself!) and get those tabs all updated, sorted out, and accurate!
click on over to angie's blog: she's the hostess of RSC, and see what everyone else is doing these days- tons of pretty quilts to look at, or gather inspiration from...

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Still plugging along....

I fell a bit behind in my piecing projects for RSC16. (this year I'm making granny blocks, crumb blocks, low-volume plus blocks and the RSC16 Column-Along. I also started Simply Woven as a RSC project, using the color of the month, and the accent. when it was close to finished, I just went ahead and finished, rather than have it lingering around- as so many of my blocks are wont to do...)
I'm slowly but surely catching up (except for the Column-Along.... I'm way far behind on that, but look forward to getting caught up- I'm doing it all in Kona solids) and if I didn't keep getting distracted with MORE fabric, and MORE quilts, I'd be doing a lot better... but, it is what it is, right?
I did finish my Low Volume Plus (showed that here before) and since I didn't do as many projects/blocks as I did in RSC15, I should be able to finish some tops before too long...

this week I pieced several more red granny square blocks, as well as a few yellow ones. all my blocks have the fabrics picked out, and paired with 12 of the background squares, so I'll continue to work on them a few at a time. I think i'll have 60+ when I'm done!!! yikes! but I'm thinking that will make 2 quilts, 6 X 6 setting with sashing.

a few weekends ago, my quilt, Celtic Solstice, was sold at the Washington Mennonite Relief Sale for an astounding and flattering price. I was so excited to be able to help in such a way, and I couldn't hardly sleep that night with the thoughts of all the quilts, and all the fabrics floating through my head!
part of the reason I haven't been doing as much RSC piecing is because I have 2 more quilts started for the MCC auctions. (ok, it's really more like 6, but who's counting?!) my friend Karen is a long arm quilter, and she has a passion for quilting for MCC. her mother, Jean, is the third part of our "team"- she loves to do the binding.  while I've been sewing for our church group, Scraps2Wraps for 8+ years, it's only in the last 2 years or so that I've enthusiastically caught the vision of sewing for MCC. it's so satisfying to know that we can work together to complete a quilt to send to one of the auctions, and the monies raised will go directly to where it's needed most, and used by the missionaries who are already in the field, assimilated into the culture and community. I don't even have a passport, but I know that I can help folks around the world, all the while still farming with my husband and homeschooling our 2 youngest. (among other things!)

here's a picture of my Simply Woven quilt, as taken from the Texas Relief Sale facebook page. I don't often get to see my quilts completely finished (I pass them along as tops) and definitely not as a full and beautifully taken picture as this. I'm so excited to participate in this way, and to be part of a team where we all are so blessed to do the part of quilting that we love the best, using our talents that are God-given to serve Him.
click on over to SoScrappy, hosted by Angie to see what others are doing this week- it will be a colorful visit, I promise!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

so, so many squares! what to do?

what should I do? why, join a QAL, of course!

in my early morning wonderings around bloggy land, I found a QAL (quilt-a-long) being hosted by Tisha of quilty therapy. this is a new blog to me, but I'm always game for #1: using fabric that I already have #2: making another plus quilt and #3: the pressure and camaraderie of having other quilters to sew with, and a deadline to meet. ( I work really well under pressure...)
so: I'm jumping on this bandwagon, and I'm excited about making another plus quilt. (what's the matter with me?!) I have a big pile of 5" squares from a guild exchange a few years ago, and I'm planning on using those- I had thought of making 2 plus quilts for the guest room, so it's all good, right? ha!
I'm also thinking that for the corners of the plus blocks, I'll use various kona solids: snow, white, ivory, grey, steel, black...
here's the link: click on over and maybe you can join along, too! the more the merrier, they always say!

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Soon: very, very soon!!!

the babies are coming! the babies are coming!

they're not here yet, but really, really soon! can you tell I'm excited!

My son, N and his wife P, are having a baby girl mid-November. P requested a quilt that is pink and yellow. they live in WA, but P is in Tennessee this weekend for some weddings and her baby shower. I was glad to only have to mail the quilt to TN... (unfortunately, to travel from PA to TN for the baby shower is a bit much, although I would have loved to go!)

the quilt is all Kona cottons. it was fun to make. the backing is a blue sky Winnie-the-Pooh fabric. their nursery is decorated in Pooh bear. I made them a matching (pooh bear) crib sheet, too.

September was pink month for RSC16, so the baby quilt fits right in, right? (the baby shower isn't until tomorrow night, Sunday, but I'm pretty sure neither P nor N reads my blog....)

M had her baby shower way back in august. she's my oldest child, oldest daughter. above I'm pictured with A and B, too. A/B are the "babies" of the family- 10 and 9 respectively. they are also SUPER excited to be aunts.

M didn't really have too much input on her baby's quilt; I knew she was doing her nursery in owls, so I took my color inspiration from her favorite owl fabric. (which I bought yards and yards of at $4/clearance. yay, me!)

I fussy cut all the owls for the center of the blocks (the first AND last time I ever fussy cut fabric!) and surrounded the blocks with coordinating Kona cottons. (surprise, surprise!) the backing is the same owl fabric, and the binding is brown.
we have less than 3 weeks to wait for M's baby, and the little girls and I will be flying out to WA December 1. can't wait!
and notice Daisy the donkey? she adds that extra special touch to the photo shoots of the quilts. (and the molasses treats she gets doesn't hurt, either!)

It's that time of year!

even though it's October, and "technically" we're still a month away from putting quilts together; I should be working on my yellows (that's the color for October, right? I haven't' even pieced yellow blocks- except for the low volume plus...) I got way too excited and finished 2 quilts these last 2 weeks- my Low Volume Plus quilt, (RSC16) and a 16 Patch quilt (RSC15)

This Plus Quilt is so simple, but can I just say I lovelovelove it? again- lots of favorite fabrics in here; all my family is represented with dresses, shirts, quilts, aprons, ect...

our sweet little miniature donkey, Daisy, now has the hang of the quilt photo shoots. Quilt + Camera = treats for the donkey. she's so cute!

RSC15 was the year of the 16 patches for me. (and again: simple but effective) I used my Farmer's Market quilt all summer. but as usual: I went a bit overboard and pieced HEAPS AND SCADS of the 16 patches. (over 200. sheesh....)

just a simple layout for this one. I laid the colors out in diagonal rows- there was a lot of red; red will also be the backing and binding.

this quilt will go to one of the MCC auctions; probably next fall.

AND: I still have about 20 16 patch blocks left! I'm thinking a baby quilt, or dolly quilt... we'll see.


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