Thursday, September 01, 2011

they say that the third time's the charm.....

i didn't get the august quilt done, but i did work on it a bit. i did the 4 applique blocks, and even purchased wash-away stabilizer, but never got any further than that.

i tried, i really did... but the garden in august is truly relentless! recently i told a friend that if we can make it through august, we can make it through almost anything!

so now August is officially over, and the garden is definitely winding down. fall is in the air, and the mornings are crisp and refreshing. soon i can start sewing again!

this is project #11, and since it's almost done, needing only quilting in the ditch, and binding, i think that i can manage to get this one done!

project #11: here is a quilt that i made in a workshop with the Friendship Quilters. it only needs quilting and binding. the tutorial for this one can be found here.


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