Friday, September 11, 2020

what's pink, blue, brown or red? IT'S PURPLE!

sigh. i'm back. fun and busy weeks behind me, but here's what i've been doing quilting wise: 

i did get the first of my red for September quilty star pieced. i've lots of red in my {3"} square stash, so there are 4 more waiting in the wings... 

i did 3 quilty stars for August- all in purples. red-purple, blue-purple and brown-purple. 

when i post the quilty stars pics on my facebook page, they seem to get alot of likes- it's a popular pattern. right now i'm thinking that when i get the few tops pieced from the colorful, growing pile, (they turn out LARGE: 20") i'll see if i can sell a few quilts for Christmas presents. it's worth a shot anyway...

and then: LOTS and LOTS of purple crumb blocks. you can see that the pink-purple joined the party in these scraps. 

and of course it's not like i don't have anything to do: my daughter went back to work last month, so we have the 3 littles a few days a week (C, almost 4. L, 2½. AK, 4 months) school started (homeschooling A & B, 7&8th grade), closing down the garden and just last night we closed on a reno/rental/flipper house! 

but: to add to the crazy, i'm sewing along on the #snowflakeqal over on instagram. i'm using my 3" square stash (what else?!) and doing the colors gray, aqua, navy and purple. i'm liking how it's turning out so far. hopefully i can keep up... last  year i was too busy to join in at all. 

( i can't figure out the new blogger, and how to put a button over on my sidebar. but if you want to follow me on instagram (i'm much more interesting over there, promise!) my handle is jlcap69)

don't forget to pop in over at Angela's So Scrappy to see what everyone else is doing for RSC20 this week. 



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