Saturday, November 12, 2016

Another week, another baby!

second verse, same as the first: who wants to look at my black, yellow and red granny square blocks when we can see a sweet little baby?

that's right: me, neither! what a momentous week for our family. last week, our first grandchild, first grandson was born. this week, it's another baby: our first granddaughter! now we have one of each, and we could not possible be more thrilled or ecstatic!

Little Miss (EL) was born Thursday night in Tacoma, WA, where her daddy (my second son) is stationed at Fort Lewis. Little Miss's mama had a quick and relatively easy delivery. BUT: she sure looks tired in this photo! the below photo was taken this afternoon as the new little family was preparing to go home. P's mother is coming from TN to help for a few weeks. I know that the new mama will sure appreciate that!

I'll fly out the first of December, and stay for a week. my 2 youngest daughters will be coming along- A and B. we can hardly wait to see (and hold, and snuggle, and kiss) this newest little one.

My oldest daughter, M, and her husband K, had a good (but exhausting) first week of being parents. little baby CD didn't want to nurse too well, so I was over helping a lot. we seem to have all the kinks ironed out, and I think it will be uphill from here. I've had lots of baby snuggle time this week, so not much sewing time, but who could complain about that?

M was feeling up to a little road trip this week: we took baby CD down to meet his great-great-great aunts Mary and Olive. Aunt Olive is 94 now, and still lives at home (with the help of a daily helper) Unfortunately, Aunt Mary is not doing as well, and has been in a nursing home for several weeks now. She's 99!
We spent some time visiting Aunt Mary, and the rest of the day was spent with aunt olive, making her feel special and loved. it was such a small thing, really, but she had a wonderful day. (I've written about my aunts before, here) at the last minute, I took along a quilt to gift to Aunt Olive for her new sitting room and chair. (I first blogged about this quilt here) as you can see she was so happy!

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Big News!

a yellow granny square quilt block? really? who wants to see another one of those when there is a new baby in the world?

1 week overdue, 30+ hours of (agonizing) labor, and my new (and first!!!) grandbaby is here! we'll give him the bloggy name of CD. can I say that we're all just thrilled? 

it was a long, long wait- even longer for my oldest daughter, M (CD's mama) but he's here! even though we've just met him, and hardly know him, we love him so much already!

Aunts A and B (my 2nd and 3rd daughters, 5th & 6th children) will be so happy for every chance they can get to hold, cuddle, kiss and love on this new, sweet baby.
now, for all you grandmas out there: how am I supposed to get any work done, knowing that this little sweety is only a few miles away, and probably pining for his grandma? it's a new stage in our lives, and an exciting one at that!
click on over to angies for more exciting news! (and colors! and quilts!)


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