Friday, July 01, 2011

would the real July please stand up?

does anybody even read this poor, neglected blog anymore? sometimes i wonder if I'm the only one that thinks blogs are a bit like a pyramid scheme. there are so many people who have blogs, how are there any persons on the earth left to read all the blogs?

does my mother-in-law even read my blog anymore?

but i digress....

project #2: another block win (i showed these before). not sure on the plans for this quilt, but the book that A is holding (if you were a penguin) has inspired some colors/ideas that I'd like to try. the white/black/blue/yellow/orange color combo really intrigued me one day as i was reading this book to the little girls.

Judy picked #2 for this month, and my project is above. (I'm so glad that i got a head start on June's quilt, and started it back in February. )

the garden is in full swing, but is it even possible to say that we have a good handle on all the weeds? i think that maybe i can squeeze in a little bit of sewing time this month....


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