Saturday, February 27, 2016

So: what do YOU think?

one of my goals for RSC16 has been to finish, approximately 1 per month, my unfinished quilts from RSC15. I already finished my RSC15 sampler (and I'm thrilled with it!) so I'm ready to move on to the next quilt, and the next month...

I have finally finished piecing my S4P- in all the colors. these blocks turned out fairly tiny- about 4½" after squaring up. (I started with 4 patches made from 3" squares) even though I have 209 of them, it would still make a small(ish) quilt if I set them all together without any alternate blocks. I've auditioned 4 different fabrics for the setting blocks-I think I might have my mind made up as to which one i'll use, but I want to see what YOU think!

#1- a funky grey.

#2- blue
#3- a small brown/cheddar plaid

#4- a tan polka dot

Sewing through the brown a bit at a time...

it was a busy week here: church sewing day, orthodontist appointments, singing lessons... but it was made especially busy because my oldest son, D, was here for a (mostly) unexpected visit. D is a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy, and he's transferring from CA to NYC. (and I, for one, am THRILLED to have him on the east coast again!) it's so nice to have the adult children when they come home, and of course I chose time with him over time in the sewing room!

I did get a couple things done, though. 2 rows for the RSC16 column-along. I still have some browns to make into the crumb blocks, but my brown is looking mighty slim!

the Kona browns used in these columns are: honey, sable, espresso, earth, chocolate brown and a couple mystery browns I didn't mark clearly after bringing them home. ( :( )  the pinks are pomegranate, melon, pink and candy pink.

these blocks are not technically RSC, but if you squint really hard, and don't' think too hard...

we have a dear, dear friend (family) who just celebrated the birth of their 8th child. how exciting is that? I met my friend through MOPS, and she and her family have been enthusiastic members of our CSA for 4 years now.

so: of course I had to make her, the baby and the family a quilt to help celebrate! all the 3" squares are from my suitcase, and A and B helped pick out the squares for the blocks. you'll notice a definite "farm theme" going on- and that's on purpose! even a bit of I Spy, too!
I just need to sash the blocks, and quilt it simply. I'd like to get it to my friend ASAP.

we were playing quirkle the other night, and isn't it funny how the blocks look sort-of like the quilt?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Finishing up those loose ends...

it was a busy week this week (but then, aren't they all?!) but I concentrated on finishing up some projects from RSC15.

if you follow me on instagram (jlcap69), you'll have already seen my RSC15 sampler *almost* finished. I had to dig very, very deep in my stash to find some orange to finish the zig-zag of the setting squares in the orange row.

but- I'm thrilled with how this quilt turned out! thanks, Angela, for designing such a fantastic sampler! (sometime maybe you should do another linky for the RSC15 samplers- for all the late comers and procrastinators!)

I also was motivated to finish my S4P (split 4 patches) this week- I only have about a dozen more to go, and then they're all done, too!

I've updated my RSC15 tab at the top of my blog to reflect my most recent finishes.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

and as blue as the sky...

this week was an extra productive one- I finished all my twinkle stars for the RSC16 Column-Along. I don't normally enjoy samplers (too much twiddly cutting and sewing) but I thought that doing this one in the Kona solids would make it fun(ner) and also different from what everyone else is doing.
and can I just say: I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. how it's turning out!

the background is Kona coal. here are the rest of the colors I'm using for the blue/purple accents: denim, robin's egg, cloud, baby blue, deep blue, royal and a *mystery blue that I forgot to mark*, amethyst, crocus, bright periwinkle, thistle and mulberry.

in keeping with my classic first-born overachiever-ness tendencies, I'm making 2 of the Column-Alongs. one for me to keep, and one to donate. I'm thrilled with how these 2 rows turned out. (and it's a good reminder, too, of the importance of light, medium and darks in our blocks) I'm also super excited that this months block is much simpler. just sayin'...

Friday, February 05, 2016

as brown as the mud... (or should I say soil?)

hubby worked late every night this week, so I feel like I got a lot done in the sewing room. 3 more brown granny squares started off the week.

I took the time to sort out all my white(ish) low volume squares, and made them into little piles of 7, for my low volume plus quilt. that way it's more certain that the fabrics will be mixed more evenly throughout the quilt. (I'm pretty picky about stuff like that- don't know why, as I'm probably the only person that would ever notice...)

here's the blue and brown row of my plus quilt. notice there are only 7 pluses in the browns, not 9 like the blues?  well, there were only enough browns to do 7 blocks! can you believe it?! I couldn't scrounge up 10 more blocks to make 2 more pluses. I already knew my stash of brown was very, very low- but still... I'm sure before December i'll be able to find 10 more brown blocks...
you can also see my RSC15 sampler on the floor. I've gotten that back out, and plan to finish it into a flimsy this month. I was having trouble with the alternate blocks, until I figured out the pattern, and now it's going a bit more smoothly. I'm happy to see how nice it's looking as it comes together!

this is not a RSC project, just a leftover bits and squares from another quilt I made. I thought it was especially appropriate to finish it during the changeover of blue to brown.

linking up with Angela- go see what everyone else is creating!


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