Thursday, April 21, 2011

finallly done- procrastination and all!

Judy drew #4 from the list for April, and just a few weeks ago, here is what my project looked like:

a big (but promising) pile of red, white and black strips. (6 friends from my quilting group participated in this strip exchange.) some of the reason that i was dwaddling on this project is that I wasn't quite sure what i wanted to do. i had several ideas floating around in my head, but just couldn't seem to agree with myself as to which one i should do.

finally, i settled on this one, from, and I'm happy with how it turned out. it was easy, and with just a few modifications, it worked really well with the strips that i already had. i used all the extra wider strips to piece the back, and managed to use up nearly all the red, white and black strips.

yay for me!

yesterday was our regular quilt meeting, and my friend Cathy was kind enough to take pictures of the other quilts, and send them to me. it's very interesting how we all started with the same fabrics, and look how different the quilts are!

i love how Janice's quilt looks like houses- a happy quilting neighborhood! she also made a matching pillow.

this is the quilt done by Janet. i wonder why it reminds me of an hourglass?

the color value and depth in Ginny's quilt is superb!

Cathy went for a radiating star. she's a prolific quilter who is also lucky enough to have a basement all set up for her quilting friends to come over and sew. i think i might need to be jealous for a moment....

my friend Betty did bazillions of stars, and she's the only one that didn't have to trim strips, since she followed the instructions. this is the quilt that's featured in the book where i got the idea for this exchange.

also, she used genuine wool batting. from a sheep that she grew herself! how amazing (and cool!) is that?

Friday, April 01, 2011

FQ Calendar Quilt: April

April is here, and hopefully dragging spring reluctantly along behind it...
this month's block is birdhouses. the pattern can be found on, or right here.

if you don't know how to paper piece, follow the links included on the page, and you can print out some pages to practice with right here.

but, please, whatever you do, puleeese actually FINISH your block before showing it off to the internets.


April is here, but what about spring?

project #4: this was a red/white/black strip exchange i organized through the Friendship Quilters. several members have already completed (quilted AND bound!) their quilts, so as the "organizer" i really should get going on this one!

i was "gently" reminded at our last meeting that these RWB quilts were to be done by our April meeting. some of my delay had been in not really knowing what pattern i wanted to use for this. finally, i decided to use the pattern i found here, with a few modifications.

click here for the progress on March's project #1.


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