Sunday, April 12, 2020

from rags to riches!

Christina, at ChristinaCreates emailed me offering to adopt this neglected Puss in the Corner that mysteriously showed up on my front porch 10 (?!) years ago. 

i happily and quickly sent it her way, and it's only been a couple weeks, and look what she's done with it! 

isn't it great?! and: to be perfectly honest, here's where the selfish pack rat in me comes out: it's a fantastic quilt- why didn't i think to do that? and why didn't i do anything with it in the last 10 years?! 

but: here's the realistic in me, too: i know that despite my best intentions, i wasn't really going to actually get around to doing anything with it in this lifetime... so ultimately, i'm very happy that this quilt top went to a good home! 

i'm certain that was the original intention when it was dropped off mysteriously on my front porch all those long years ago! 


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