Saturday, June 06, 2020

a rainbow for a beautiful little girl...

i posted about this quilt a few months ago, but as usual, i'm way behind in the Telling You Guys What's Going On Category.... many sorries... oldest daughter M, and her husband K, dropped off the 2 grandsons C and L at Grammy's house on May 11. M/K were on the way to the hospital- M was being induced for baby #3. Gestational Hypertension and all that... (and yes, in this picture M was a mere 36 hours from giving birth to her first daughter!) 

the quilt for my 5th grandchild was done and just waiting... COVID19 made things a bit complicated, but it all worked out in the end. i did the quilting myself, and i'm not very happy with it, but really, that's fine, too. the backing is a sheet from IKEA. it has the woodland animals on it that represent each child. (C: owl. L: hedgehog. baby #3: fox.) 

before basting the quilt, i took some beauty shots. never did this before, but i'm glad i did! it really helps the quilt to live up to its name: Luminary. the pattern is from Alison Glass. i used a moda brights honey bun. i pulled out some of the darker greens and browns, and added in more orange and aqua, as i knew those were the colors M/K wanted for the baby. 

more details on the quilt in a minute: BUT GUYS!!! THIS CUTE BABY!!! baby girl Addilyn Kathleen was born early Wednesday morning, May 13. (@3:40AM) no complications, perfect in every way, and dearly loved by her whole family, even though we had yet to meet her in person. 

Addie, as she will be called (except for when she's in big trouble) is the dearest little girl. she weighed 5lb. 8oz.  and her nose is smaller than a button. we call Addie our little tie-breaker- now we have 2 grandsons, and 3 granddaughters. 

i don't usually share the names of my family on the blog, but i made an exception this once. Addie's middle name was my mother's name: Kathleen. i lost my mother suddenly and tragically over 30 years ago. i was only 19, and not prepared in the least little bit to find myself motherless. 

so it's deeply meaningful to me that M and K named their first daughter after my mother, Kathleen. (my second daughter, Anna Kathleen, also shares my mother's name.) all babies are special of course, but dear little Addie will hold a special place in my heart. so also, her mother, Miriam, my oldest daughter, for honoring the memory of my mother in this way. 

getting a good start on those pinks...

in between other projects this week, i pulled out my 3" squares, and sorted all the pinks for my quilty stars blocks.

with some deep digging, and creative planning, i had enough for 3 blocks.

i can see that i'll be running out of the neutral background (again!) so i'll have to find something else to finish out the year with these blocks. ( i saw some of these blocks on instagram- search the hashtag #quiltystarsquilt- there's some stunners out there) no pattern that i know of- i just used my 3" block stash. 

i'm pretty happy with how these are turning out- click over to RSC20 So Scrappy to see all the other beauties! 

wrapping up the greens...

i managed a bit of green sewing in May, but just now getting around to sharing progress and pictures...

i mentioned awhile back that i bought a Studio2 cutter from accuquilt- LOVING it so far! ( i see they're on sale again, along with BOGO dies. i'd recommend one, if it's in your budget. free shipping now, too! *not an affiliate link*) 

one of the dies i bought was the equilateral triangle- i think there are 8 on the die, and they finish at 3¾" tall. in retrospect, that's a bit too small for me. but the baby quilt did turn out pretty cute- the prints were fabrics that i found in the sewing cupboard at church; i added in some Kona cottons (curry, pickle, pepper, 2 greys, avocado and peridot) 

i like how it turned out. and i do like the triangle concept- so much so that i ordered another die, in bigger, isosceles triangles this time. (see above: BOGO, free shipping!) also on the design wall- the churn dash blocks that i'm working on- i got the cheery bundle from blueprint. i saw somewhere this week that they were going out of business- without any great sales. i can confirm both those facts... 

also- 30 or so more crumb blocks were added to my pile. i do have some ideas ruminating on what to do with my hefty (and impressive!) stack of crumb blocks.

i especially LOVE some of the layouts suggested here. i'm thinking my youngest daughter B might like to do some playing on the design wall this week...

thanks for stopping by! i always appreciate the camaraderie, the feedback and the inspiration that i get from following and checking in on other blogs! i hear blogger is going wonky, but it's still "normal" for me...

i have a couple finishes to share, and the new baby is 3 weeks old already- Addie Kathleen joined us on May 13. she joins her 2 big brothers, and of course everyone is enthralled with her. pictures soon! 


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