Friday, March 30, 2018

so much green and new life, too!

no fabric in this first picture, but it's green! these are our tomatoes that are growing down at the local greenhouse: they're custom started for us so they are the variety we need, and the size we want when it's time to plant. for us, in Northern PA, our target date to plant these in our high tunnel is May 1. even with the high tunnel, and our particular micro-climate of living by the creek, that's still plenty early for zone 5!

I did manage to get a *tiny* bit of green sewing time these last 2 weeks, and finished 17 (!) of my kona indigo and the COM 9 patches. super thrilled with these, as usual...

the featured colors, in no particular order: sour apple, green grass, mint, ice frappe and celadon

candy green, chartreuse, leaf, moss, spruce and holly

pickle, grasshopper, sweet pea, avocado, pond, basil and peridot.

this little bundle of joy and sweetness is the main reason I haven't had much time to sew (him, and getting ready for Easter with new dresses and surprises for the Easter baskets...)

little LR made his appearance a mere 2 days after his baby quilt was finished! the labor and delivery was MUCH EASIER for my daughter M this time, and she's made a speedy recovery.

Baby LR is healthy and happy in every way, and loved by his whole family. he nurses like a champ, and he sleeps pretty well, too. he's less than 2 weeks old, and already we can't imagine our lives with out him!

toddler C is adjusting well to having a new baby brother, and mom is adjusting well to having a busy little boy (I sometimes compare C to a rabid capuchin monkey. if you think of a cross between a squirrel and a monkey, that would be a pretty accurate representation of C!) and a seemingly always hungry newborn.
life is good! and more good news: spring is coming, Christ is risen, and the new color of the month is yellow! click on over and see what everyone else has been working on- it's sure to inspire AND cheer you up!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

in which the blogger actually finishes TWO quilts!

haha! hope you're sitting down....

I basted my RSC17 Low Volume Plus blocks last week. even though I was so excited to get it done, I still had to "discipline" myself to quilt it- that's really not my favorite part!

I love how the colors just sort of fade into each other. and it's a nice size, too- about 62"X75". a nice snuggle quilt.

the backing makes me happy, too. I waffled between several different fabrics (I'm usually not so indecisive!) and settled on these. the panel was a gift from my husband a few years ago- it's a color swatch of many different Hoffman batiks. the stripes are Moda- and after looking at the picture, I wish I would have noticed that the blue stripes aren't lined up... oh, well... and of course I was just a *tiny* bit short of fabric, so the clown hair rainbow fabric makes a small appearance on the back of the quilt.

I'm such a horrible procrastinator- but I finally got the baby quilt done! my oldest daughter, M, was due with baby #2, a little boy, yesterday. (yesterday!) we knew he would be late, but at least it's not my fault, since the quilt is done now!

C, the first little guy is 16 months old, and he's a busy little boy! (he also has no idea how his life is about to change!) despite being so active and a little bit crazy, he loves to be read to. he'll sit for quite a long time and listen to story after story.

you can't see M's baby  bump here, but it's so cute! the nursery is decorated in hedgehogs; you can see the 4 different hedgie fabrics I used in the quilt. one of them was from spoonflower- a definite splurge, but they were so cute I couldn't resist! the nursery colors are aqua and navy. I threw in some green because that seemed to match well and be in several of the other fabrics already. she and husband K really like the quilt, so that makes my mom (and grandma) heart happy!
now we just wait for Little Mister #2 to decide he's ready to come...
while we're waiting, click over to Angie's to see what everyone else is working on this week!

(and I even updated the RSC18 tab this week too! so many accomplishments in just one week. ha!)

Friday, March 09, 2018

did you miss me?

haha! just kidding... you don't need to answer that. it's been a crazy 2 weeks around here, with just in the last few days a little bit of {much needed} time in the sewing room.
2 Sundays ago, my youngest daughter, BJ, was sick and sore with an achey neck. (I was also getting sick, too, and till the end of the week had Flu A and an ear infection...) long story short, BJ had a serious staph infection, and after a visit to the walk-in clinic, our local ER and a CT scan, she was transferred to the nearest Children's Hospital so she could be cared for by a pediatric ENT. (there are NO pediatric doctors of any sort in our rural county). 3 days of IV antibiotics later, and we were all on the mend and back home.
we're thankful for {good} health insurance, a great Children's Hospital with wonderful doctors and nurses, supportive and loving family and a wonderful church family, too. we got sick on Sunday, February 25 and then the next thing I knew it was Tuesday, March 6! we're glad to be home, and back together again!

green is a great color for March. I've lots of greens, and although the called color is on the lighter and brighter side, it's easier for me to work on all my greens at once. I think it's too much for my brain to sort them out and then set some aside for another month...

I'm working on my eclectic and bohemian 9 patches; 16 are added to the pile for this month.

I finally found the perfect fabric to finish the last block of my RSC17 Low Volume Plus quilt. (think 1980's clown hair...) and pieced the last block for that quilt. I've just finished pin basting it too, and hope to have it in the DONE pile soon. i'll keep you posted with pictures.

don't forget to see what everyone else is working on with their bright and springy greens!


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