Saturday, August 19, 2017

UFO2017: a challenge is just what i needed!

I'm late to the linky, but I met my goal in time! Judy is hosting a UFO2017 "party" and I'm always game for a bit of accountability! (and a deadline!)

the first quilt was a fat quarter pile of shot cottons that I was given. the plan for this quilt is to go to one of the MCC quilt auctions.

technically, a pile of fabrics is not a UFO, but a 60° triangle quilt has been on my list for awhile. after finding my triangle (buried in the step basket!) I had no more excuses!

I love how these turned out- and they were super easy, too!  the layout in the second quilt is totally random- and it's a perfect quilt to go down to Honduras with one of our next mission trips.

now that I've tackled this style of quilt, I'd like to make more. that is, as soon as I whittle down my pile of UFOs. ha!

galloping along- but still a bit behind!

I will not start out this blog post (my first in 4 weeks!) saying how busy I've been... with Farmer's Markets- 2 a week. sometimes 3 (or even 4!) babysitting. freezing corn. butchering chickens. an upcoming visit from my DIL and granddaughter, E. the normal life stuff that we all do...
we're all busy... but winter is coming...

I had one (ONE!) glass gallon jar of blue scraps. (which as you remember, blue was the RSC color for July... ) one more night of sewing, and I think i'll have all my blue crumb blocks done.
so that makes me a bit nervous thinking about FOUR jars of neutral scraps for my crumb blocks....
I've been working on my Kona Indigo 16 patch blocks. since all my other RSC17 projects use neutrals (low volume pluses and 16 patches in the color of the month) I've only had these blocks to work on. 
I know I say it every month, but I really do LOVE how these blocks are turning out. no idea how I'll put them together, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it...

the Kona cotton colors used for the above 11 blocks are: (in no particular order) white, ivory, snow, parchment, mushroom, silver, eggshell, putty, steel, slate and medium grey.

teensy, weensy bit of cheating here: the above quilt (flimsy) I made a few years ago right at the beginning of my low volume craze. it's a simply pieced rail fence variation. I can't even remember where I got my inspiration., influencing the sprinkling of the (Kona grey) squares throughout. maybe I could focus on getting this one quilted this month... the chances are probably slim to none, but who knows?
make sure to visit Angies blog to see what everyone else has been doing- lots of folks get tons of sewing time in the summer- mine just mostly comes in the winter.


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