Wednesday, February 09, 2011

UFO challenge 2011: February

even though February is not yet half over, I'm finished with my UFO project (#10) for this month. it was a quickie quilt, done in flannels. (remember, you can find the pattern here...)

(sorry the picture is upside down, by the way...) i can speak from experience that this is a very warm quilt. i made B one for her birthday, using the blue chicken fabric from this particular fabric line, and it's a very toasty warm quilt.

if, perchance, you know a little girl who would be perfect for this quilt, it just so happens to be for sale... the quilt (100% cotton) measures 40" X 55" and is backed with the green flannel.

it's been pretty cold and snowy around these parts, so i took the time to get started on project #7- meadow in bloom.

this is a quilt kit that i bought on clearance at Joanne's fabrics last year. there are 12 blocks in the quilt, and i just pieced the first 8. the other 4 are applique *she says with a shudder* and I'll work on them when the number is drawn.

UFO 2011 challenge: a head start on #8

does it seem as if I've nothing to do with myself? although there could be nothing further from the truth, it does begin to seem that way...

UFO challenge #8 is a quilt that i started with a friend 20+ years ago. literally. really! we intended to donate it to our local Pregnancy Care Center. however, life has a way of putting aside our plans sometimes, no matter how well intentioned we may be. Marcia and i just got busy raising our families, and i had forgotten all about this quilt until i stumbled upon it again last month.

now i have a new quilty friend, Lorraine, and we love to sew (and bicker) at Scraps to Wraps a couple Wednesdays a month. yesterday i ironed all the pieces (you'd be amazed at how wrinkly fabric can get after being in a bag for 20 years. or maybe, the more amazing part is that the triangles were not more wrinkly after being in a bag for 20 years...)

and today i brought along the pitiful little pile of triangles that was intended to be a potential quilt. together Lorraine and i pieced a few more pinwheels, added some solid blocks to tame it down a bit, and now the quilt is ready to be sewn together the next time we meet.

I'll keep you posted on our progress...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

'cause it's winter, and 'cause it just keeps snowing around here....

I've been busy working on my UFO projects that Judy is hosting over here, and I'll have some progress to show you on that front soon.

but for now, I'm really enjoying the slower pace of wintertime here.

you may remember that i mentioned that the Kona cottons in their fabulous array of colors is my new favorite fabric... (that's the fabric that I've chosen to do my FQ Calendar Quilt) well, Cherri is hosting a quilt along over at Cherry House Quilts, and there are 4 colorways to choose from, and they all use the Kona cotton.

it's a simple, small and interesting quilt. pop on over and take a look!

*edited to add:*

now that I've "caught up" so to speak with my quilting, I'm committing to take the rest of the month off and do some scrap booking before the spring garden work hits.

A and B really enjoy looking at the scrapbooks that i have done, and since we've moved here (almost 3 years ago) I've barely developed any pictures, never mind done any scrap booking for the girls.

so in the few weeks of February that we have left, I'll be wading through those *thousands* of pictures, and getting some of them into scrapbooks so the little girls can see themselves as they celebrate milestones in their lives- Christmas 2008, 2009, 2010, birthdays, Florida...

wish me luck. and send tape- lots of it!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

a warm flannel (piggy) quilt- perfect for the snowstorm!

Judy drew the next number for the 2011 UFO challenge- and here's my corresponding (unfinished) project: one of those quickie quilts. i love these quilts, since they are so easy. and the flannel is SO warm!


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