RSC18 quilts

RSC18 quilting is still in progress, but i look forward to another great year with some great blocks and quilts to show and share at the end!
RSC18 blocks I'm working on:
  • kona cotton indigo and the COM in 9 patches DONE!
  • eclectic AND bohemian 9 patches in COM (153 blocks completed; just need to be assembled.) 
  • Squared Away BOM (finished all 30 blocks, and have given them to a friend to be assembled and {hand quilted} into a donation quilt) 
  • Holiday Patchwork Forest (while i LOVE these blocks, and all the colorful quilts i see come  through my instagram feed, i decided early on that this particular quilt/project was not for me after all...) 
*edited to add:* i decided to offer my sparse forest for adoption in Cynthia's Orphan adoption. it was adopted (and finished!) by Mari of Acedemic Quilter Fame (the designer of the Squared Away BOM above) and then donated to Hands2Help, organized by Sarah.
3/17/18: my first RSC finish of the year! I started my Low Volume Plus blocks during RSC17. we're only 3 months into RSC18 and I have a finished quilt to share!

Daisy made a reluctant appearance at the photo shoot, but it's winter (and muddy!) and she's out of practice... the Low Volume Plus quilt finished at about 62"X75".
here's to the first of many during RSC18!

my next RSC18 finishes were 4 Rainbow Crumb Block napping quilts for my grandchildren, and small napping visitors.

Just under the wire for my final RSC18 finishes: my Rainbow Kona squares- pieced using indigo and all the kona colors from my stash. you can read more about this quilt and finish here.

the last finish for the year (unless  get really busy and productive this afternoon!) is my Growing Up Odd quilt. this is 1000+ different fabrics, a hodge-podge of my quilting / sewing journey from the last 30 years or so. this top finished at a monstrous 97½" X 102½".

it did manage to make a dent in my 3" scrap square drawer, though! read more about this quilt here

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