Saturday, May 18, 2019

orange you glad it's spring?

i made my monthly marker, but forgot to share it here. oops! (you can follow me at jlcap69 on instagram. i'm slightly more active over there...) 

i'm sharing these 40ish *untrimmed* crumb blocks now- who knows, if i wait until they're trimmed to share, it might be the end of October. ha!

the whole gamut of orange here: pale peach to dark umber.

and a few salmons that lean towards pink...

be sure to click over and see the more productive quilters and projects for RSC19.

Friday, May 17, 2019

H2H- all done and checking in!

i do quite a bit of "charity quilting" but this is my first time participating in Sarah's Hands2Help campaign. i saw that one of the chosen gifting recipients Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project, which was specifically looking for larger quilts.  

i pieced strip sets (2½") for Rainbow Scrap Challenge in both 2015 and 2016. In 2017 i managed to get 2 "pinwheel" quilts out of that multitude of blocks!

although my youngest daughter, BJ, originally chose this quilt in our Great Quilt Gifting of 2017, she decided that she liked a different quilt, Growing Up Odd better, so she swapped. 

we packed up this behemoth, along with backing and binding, and sent it off to Sally F. in Wisconsin.  She sent me this picture of the completed quilt (thanks so much, Sally!) and i'm thrilled that it's finally done, and will go to a new home to bring warmth and comfort! 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

What color did she say again?

oops! i just realized that although i up loaded my aqua crumb blocks from April, i forgot to write the blurbs and post the pictures!

just like the orange blocks, aqua can't really decide what color she wants to be, either...

teal, aqua, turquoise, mallard, light blue, sea foam, slate... all those colors were in my scrap jar.

never-the-less, i pieced 35 of the "teal" blocks for April, and the pile continues to grow! (and the jars that i keep the scraps in- 1 gallon glass pickle jars- never seem to get any emptier!) but they are pretty to look at on my shelf...

go look at all the other pretty blocks at soscrappy...

a quick check in between the yard work and field work and garden work..

i have had some time to sew in the last few weeks. if i have the energy, i enjoy going up to the sewing room to sew a few orange blocks for May RSC19

orange is one of those goofy colors that just can't decide what color it wants to be... orange, rust, burnt umber, cheddar, salmon... 

it does drive an anal meticulous piecer like me a bit batty, separating out all the different oranges into their own friendly family....

still, i pieced 6 of my rail fence blocks.

and thanks to the generous contribution of my unknown, but generous friend, Dorthy, i had lots and lots of orange squares to choose from this month! 

i pieced 11 of my light/dark 9 patches. i'm thinking that maybe i'll use these, and also last year's bohemian and eclectic 9 patches to make 2 table cloths for our table at the holidays/family meals (one sized for with the leaves, the other to fit without the leaves) 

i'm almost done with piecing my orange crumb blocks for this month, too, so i'll have another orange post to share next week.

off to work in the flower beds- hubby Dave got a great deal on mulch from Lowes (he works there) so we've been inspired to do a bit of sprucing up around the flower beds near the house. they've been neglected the last few years- i've been busy with the veggies, but now i'm on a roll! maybe i'll share pictures of that next week, too! have a great week (the weather is fabulous today!) and thanks for stopping by!


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