Saturday, June 19, 2021

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i was procrastinating *just a little* bit on my Full Stop quilt for RSC21. finally yesterday, i buckled down and worked out the kinks, and really moved this quilt forward. very, very happy with it now!!!

(there are a few quilts to be seen if you check out the hashtag #fullstopquiltalong, there are a few of these RSC21 quilts popping up over on instagram) 

first up was to decide on the layout of this quilt. i know aqua is coming up yet this year, and i wanted to work in the aqua and BOTH blues. so far that lime green (between the yellow quotation marks and the green brackets) is the only "place holder" row. 

hopefully, it doesn't look too out of place (it will probably fall smack dab in the middle of the quilt) or too belly-button-ish. 

last week A had an orthodontist appointment, so we took the opportunity to go to a fabric store. (our LQS closed a few years ago, and we don't really have one in handy distance anymore). i'll admit to purchasing the purple and orange yardage for this quilt; i just don't really have those colors in abundance in my stash...

 you can see that i changed up the red exclamation points a bit- a combination of not liking the angled version, and being too lazy to figure out the freezer paper directions. once the exclamation points are sewn together in the row, they won't look so chunky. 

the semi-colins did get a bit lost in the purple, but i have no complaints about the blue asterisks! 

quilty friends are perfect friends!

once again, not too much blogging happening over here, but lots of quilting and sewing! i'm grateful for the chances i get to go up to the sewing room and create! 

this quilt is actually done now: quilted, bound and on my bed! but in the interest of sharing it, i'll just post the pictures of it in the flimsy stage...

(in case you're wondering, the Kona colors in this quilt are stratosphere and duckling. the whites are just a huge hodge-podge of low volume scraps) 

i started this quilt a few years ago (maybe 2?) when Amanda Jean (of Crazy Mom Quilts) was doing a JuneQAL on her blog. ( i have several of the books that she's written, along with Cheryl, which are some of my FAVORITE quilting books of all time) 

obviously i changed up the color scheme quite a bit, but i made this quilt to be more of a "summer" quilt, and it matches the scrappy bed quilt i made 2 years ago

what's with the chicken, you wonder? the girls (my 2 teenage daughters, A & B) are always frustrated with the chickens in our flock- they can be so mean to any chicken that has a perceived weakness. so they "rescued" this hen from the flock, and brought her up to be with the donkey, Daisy. the rescued hens usually stay up with the donkey for awhile, making a general nuisance of themselves, and then she (the hen!) gets kicked out of the pasture, and goes back down with the flock. 

and just for fun- here's another quilt that i did AFTER the SnowflakeQAL last fall. i'm especially pleased with the backing fabric- ITSSOPERFECT! 

i'll be back soon with the catchup post about our RSC21 project, the #fullstop quilt. i'm really happy how it's turning out! 


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