Saturday, May 09, 2020

blue stars, sparkling in the night sky...

and then there was that crazy Saturday in May where it was snowing...

or maybe it was a crazy Saturday because the blogger did 3 posts in one day.


anyway- i made 5 quilty stars blocks last month. i first saw this block on instagram, i believe. i'm using the 3" squares from my block drawer, and using a fabric from my stash for the star points. 

the blocks finish quite large- about 21", so i'll either make a very large quilt, or several smaller quilts. i was contemplating dividing them up into warm/cool colors. we'll see..

i already did my green quilty stars in February. i don't sort out my colors by light/dark. so i did all my greens in February, except for the crumb blocks. (i'm working on those now.) same for the blues- i did all my blues in April, not just the lights/brights. i'll pick another color, or a UFO to work on when blues come around again.

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I Spy some happy children!

i mentioned before that i was busy making I Spy quilts for all my grandchildren. my grand Let's Get The Whole Family Together For Easter And Have A Fabulous Easter Egg Hunt And Other Fun Activities Plan was changed for obvious reasons. 

But- most of the quilts i was able to  gift in person, so i'm calling that a win! C (3yo) with his quilt.

Brother L (2yo)

Granddaughter E (3yo, also) in Baltimore. better picture coming soon!

granddaughter L (18mo).

all the grandchildren seemed to really like their quilt! i was pleased, and am so glad that they each have a snuggly quilt to nap/play/picnic with. 

i still have enough blocks for a few more I Spy quilts when the time comes. (and as we're expecting grandchild #5 any day now, that might be sooner rather than later!) 

and in a related note- daughter A (13yo) absconded the quilt kit that i (on a total whim and impulse) ordered from Kitchen Table Quilting. it's the Frances pattern, perfect for beginners.  A chose Kona black for the sashing on the smaller blocks- she wanted it to be different than all the other quilts on instagram. (search #francesquilt) 

as i said, it was a quick, unplanned purchase, but i'm calling it a win all around. A generally does not like to sew or quilt, but when she saw the pattern and the colors, she wanted it for her own. how could i say no? we both love the colors, and the fabrics are so different than what i have in my stash. i was so happy to share with her, and now that the blocks are pieced (the alternate blocks are 5" squares, so there were only half the blocks to piece)

i had previously made another impulse purchase at a LQS when we were down in Florida in February, which will turn out to be the perfect backing. stay tuned... 

waste not, want not- the story of crumbs...

my favorite blogs to follow and check in on every day are the ones that write every day. obviously, i'm not one of those. i do lots of sewing for RSC and other stuff in the background, but it seems that blogging has become a dreaded chore...

anyway- i'm here today to share lots of pictures and projects!

i've been making crumb blocks for pretty much each RSC year- beginning in 2015 i think..

i usually need some mindless sewing to do in the evenings... and i've built up quite a collection of crumb blocks over the last few years...

while down in Baltimore this Christmas time visitng my son and his family, i picked up a few pillow forms at IKEA, planning on making some covers for pillows on the living room sofa. 

it took a pandemic to finally make that happen! yikes!

and in no other particular order, some more crumb blocks.

many more are sewn that are not pictured...

i did get a little out of whack with the colors, but i'm roughly sticking to the RSC color of the month...

thanks for stopping by!

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more posts and pictures coming !


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