Thursday, December 24, 2020

out with the old! in with the new!

so sorry i can't get this picture flipped around, but you get the idea! 

I never acutally  "blogged" about the RSC19 project, my indigo 16 patches. i made a quilt for our bed (here's the details)  and had a few blocks left over. 

i was up in the sewing room last week, sorting through my pile of orphan blocks from previous RSC years. i noticed that i had 12+ of these Kona indigo/COM blocks left over. 

a brainstorm hit: why not make {another} quilt for dear baby Addie Kathleen? this one will be kept at Grammy's house. her crib is in our room, so it will match so nicely with the quilts on our bed. i backed her quilt in the fabrics her mama chose (baby A is a "fox", while her brothers C and L are an "owl" & "hedgehog", respectively.)

my penchant and fondness for both Kona cotton and 3" squares really shows in this picture! you can see the 2 quilts for our bed- the Kona indigo 16 patch, as well as the other scrappy patchwork with Kona stratosphere. i used the kona stratosphere for the binding on the baby quilt- all around i'm pretty pleased! 

since the *majority* of my RSC blocks are made from the 3" squares, all the orphan blocks fit together so nicely. i found 30 16 patches from previous RSC quilts- Rainbow Rails & Rainbow Boxes. i'll sew them together into a top for S2W (our church sewing group). a 60" X 80" quilt will soon be out of my sewing room, making its way to someone who can put it to good use. 

with the use of these orphan blocks, that leaves me fairly "caught up" and turning towards next year: RSC21. i've been thinking of what kinds of projects/blocks i'd like to do. 

for a couple years, i've been thinking that i really need to up my game, and throw in some triangles with my 3" squares. i bought a triangle die for my accuquilt cutter, and i do plan on these variations of the 9 patch. (always a favorite!) of course, they're essentially the same block, just different layouts of light/dark/background. 

i plan to use a solid grey that i have in my stash, and depending on the # of COM (color of the month) 3" blocks i have, i'll piece either/or block. 

i'd also like to do houses this year; still mulling over what kind. 

and somewhere i saw a block like this: and after clicking around and visiting other RSCers through Angela's link up, the block seems to have come from Kathy, via Nann

i plan on making these Waffle Blocks, too, this year. i think i'll do the "opposite", as well. 3 rows of the COM, and then 2 neutrals. 

side note: I've had my EQ5 program for about 18 years, and STILL don't know how to draft a block... the neutral will be a solid piece of fabric, not squares, and no triangles will be harmed in the making of this block. 

last year i made a LIST of wannado's, needtodo's and mustdo's. out of the 17 on that list, i managed to finish 14! yay, me. 

here's this year's (partial) list: 
  1. Christmas pillow covers for the sofas
  2. L/D 9 patches: *minimally* piece into flimsy
  3. eclectic/bohemian 9 patches: holiday/family gathering tablecloth
  4. I Spy quilt/s for Elizabeth & ???
  5. Louisa Charm Pack 4 patch
  6. Bind Good Neighbors rectangle quilt for guest room
  7. Piece together top: Churn Dash (with the cherry fabrics/yellow gingham) 
  8. Patriotic rectangles: piece top and backing
  9. Crazy Mom June QAL- i'm using neutrals along with Kona stratosphere and duckling
  10. Civil War flying geese
  11. Scrappy Stars: RSC20 (there are enough blocks for several quilt tops) 
  12. #snowflakesewalong: grey/polka dot quilt (already cut out) 
  13. Orange Dot Map Quilt : #onlyonequilt
whew! i better get off the computer and get busy! 

another final goal that i have for this year is to use my accuquilt Studio2 cutter even more. i've cut and pieced numerous quilts for MCC and our church sewing circle using my tumblers, churn dash or rectangle dies. i'd like to do more baby quilts, and more kits for the ladies at church to use for sewing tops. maybe i'll even do a tumbler or churn dash quilt for myself. 

so, it's going to be a busy and exciting year! thanks so much for reading and stopping by! be sure to click on over to Angela's blog: our fearless leader, and the headquarters for all things RSC! 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

a red, Christmas, RSC20 finish!

this Christmas stars quilt has been done for awhile; just now getting around to sharing it! i started these stars back in RSC15 (!!!) can you even believe it?! 

sawtooth stars are definitely on my Favorite Quilt Blocks Ever list.  i used the 3" squares from my stash, and gathered up all my reds- nearly 30 in all! 

because we all know that nothing says "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" like fabric tomatoes, right? 

the background(s) are 5 different prints with gold; very eclectic, but fun! there's a bit of negative space sprinkled in there, too, but hard to see from my pictures... 

the Red, Not So Christmas Quilt joins our other Official Christmas Quilt on the ladder in the corner of our living room. (the other, Official Christmas Quilt is also from RSC15, i noticed after looking back.) seems i was WAY more productive in earlier RSC years. i'll work on that for RSC21, promise! 

interesting side note: this fall, i saw a ladder available on Facebook marketplace. i missed out on that opportunity (Sunday afternoon nap) and was kinda bummed.  but then, to my delight, when we bought our flipper house in Sayre, there was an old, skuddy ladder in the garage! i cleaned (scrubbed and scrubbed) it off, and it's perfect for displaying the quilts that we use for snuggling in the living room/downstairs. 

in retrospect, it would have been cheaper to buy the ladder off Facebook, instead of the whole flipper house. (haha!) but that's a discussion for another day. 

anyway... back to the quilt at hand. it was a beautiful day in late October when we took pictures of some recent finishes, and everyone was feeling a bit creative. 

even the "little library" got in on the photo ops! as a former 500 acre dairy farm, our little  outhouse was quite the fancy place way back when- a 2 seater, even! 

anyway- that's what i've been up to. thanks for stopping by. RSCing is so fun for me- and i plan to continue into 2021. i will {tentatively} say that i do also have plans to kick my blogging and finishing quilts game up a notch as well.


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