Sunday, May 29, 2022

Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge: 2022

 i love to piece quilts; i love to gift quilts for donation! (after all, there are only so many quilts that one family, one person, one sofa, one rocking chair can use, right?) 

about 7+ (?) years ago, i was the quilting teacher for our local Ben Franklin store, teaching 8-12 quilting classes a year. after awhile, that petered out, but i still have the quilt samples i made to advertise and teach the classes. 

i never came up with a home for many of the quilts; i just wasn't sure what to do with them... they're all pretty small (no bigger than 36"- 42" square) and it's an eclectic bunch. 

although every one of them is brand new, never used, some have been lonely and forlorn for quite a long time. (yikes! i didn't realize it was SOOOO long until i looked back through my blog!) 

so, it's certainly past time that they found a home where they will be loved and used! 

after looking through the suggested donation list that Mari provided, i figured Little Lambs Foundation was the best choice for these smaller quilts. 

i know these are not your typical baby quilt, but I'm hoping that they'll bring some family and the baby some comfort, knowing that someone cares... 

Saturday, May 28, 2022

a little more greenery for the rainbow!

7 green framed 4 patches join the other RSC22 colors. I know I saw this idea (completed quilt?) on another RSCer's blog, so I can't take the credit for this fun block. I'm excited about how it's turning out! 

the kona colors that i'm using are: black, pepper, snow, grey, pewter, ash and coal. 

here are my green (all shades!) blocks of the "Two Step" quilt i started after seeing Jo's quilt awhile back. i guess i found some lonley red, yellow and teal 3" blocks floating around... 

and a new venture for me this year: TRIANGLES! i'm starting to like triangles more and more- i've auditioned a {new to me} blocks for RSC23.

 these triangles are pieced in sets of 3, 6 and 9. i'm already thinking ahead to how i might like to piece this quilt top when we're done with all the RSC colors at the end of the year. 

thanks for stopping by! I read (and appreciate) every comment, although i'm terrible about replying! 

a parade of blocks: hope you brought your lawn chair!

somehow life got really, really busy! i've been sewing in the background (remember: I'm like a duck. all calm on the surface, but paddling like crazy under the water! haha...) 

a couple months ago, i sorted my dark neutrals jar of crumb scraps- it was really (REALLY!) full, and i thought to get a head start on November...

I'm glad i did, too! i still have several paper plates of browns and blacks to piece into the 6½
 crumb blocks. as it is, there are 80 (!!!) finished blocks to show here today.... 

i also have LOTS of green, so i did separate my green crumb sewing into the suggested RSC May colors of sage and dark greens, saving the brights and lights for next time.... 

i also sewed 25 Railroad Track blocks (rectangles 4½" X 9½") as a start on this quilt. 

 be sure to click back to Angela's blog, and see all the other green (and colorful projects) everyone else is working on! 

Saturday, May 07, 2022

A Pink to Beat Them All...

i've pieced several more of my {Kona school bus} house blocks (finishing at 6") in pinks. i've started on the browns, grays and blacks for November, too. this brings my total up to 12 little houses. 

but who wants to talk about quilts, when we can talk about BABIES! our 7th grandchild (4th granddaughter) was born last Friday!!! She came a couple days early, a surprise to all of us, since my daughter, M, is typically a week late. 

of course, we're all just smitten with baby Sadie Ella, and love her to pieces! 

M, (Sadie's mama) bought the deer fabric and i combined some muted Kona pastels for a subtle, but cozy quilt for our newest little one. 

Aunts A&B are also always thrilled with a new niece, and we've tried really hard to all be polite to one another and take turns holding the new baby. ha!

Sadie has a big sister, Addie Kathleen (who will be 2 this week!) and i'm sure they'll be the best of friends!

here's the whole family: M and husband K, along with C (5½), L (4), A (2) and newborn Sadie. as you can imagine, their household is busy and noisy! 

in other exciting news: A and B talked me into going with them to a for King & Country concert in Bingamtno, NY. (it happened to be the same day that Sadie was born, and also my first in-person, real live concert. i'll readily admit I had fun, and wasn't as bad, boring or loud as i thought it would be...)

we made a weekend of it, staying overnight in a hotel, and doing some shopping, too. it was  a lovely time, and we made some great memories. 

in more quiting news, A decided that she wanted to make her piano teacher a quilt. (free pattern here) this was truly a labor of love for A, as she really doesn't enjoy sewing. Mrs. Weed has taught  A piano for 7 (?) years, and last week was A's last piano lesson from her for a while, since the Weeds are going to Italy for a mission trip. 

I'm almost done quilting the top, and we'll put the binding on and gift the quilt early this upcoming week. We've found a new piano teacher for A (Mrs. Davis studied at the Cleveland Conservatory!) and we're all confident that although we'll miss Mrs. Weed, A will continue excel in her piano endeavors. 

 and since it's Saturday, and the RSClinky party, I'll close with just a *bit* of green for this rainy May morning: obviously, i have lots of green in my crumb jar, and I'll be busy making some green crumb blocks this week. (in my spare time. ha!) 


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