Wednesday, January 30, 2019

red scraps- they're breeding like rats!

one of the amazing things about sewing with scraps is that they never seem to get any less!

i pieced 88 red crumb blocks this month, and my red scrap jar is still nearly full! once the blocks are pieced and pressed (sometimes starched) I trim them to 6½". I have a ruler this size, and it's just easy to do it the same size as the ruler. plus, it's a handy size to work with: not too big, not too small...

anyway- it took me nearly the whole month to get organized and piece these blocks. i really enjoy making the crumb blocks- it's mindless and relaxing! plus- it's fun to touch all the fabric!

i keep my crumb scraps in gallon jars on a shelf in my sewing room. since i didn't make any crumb blocks during RSC18, they're all stuffed to overflowing! 

88 blocks, and still it's almost full! how is this even possible? *the blogger mutters in astonishment*

these crumb blocks will go in the stack with all the other colors- waiting for inspiration to hit...

although, to be fair, i did make a set of 4 small quilts for the littles at my house- pictured here.  these quilts get loved, used and washed often! 

and another crumb quilt that's not quite done yet, or blogged about, was (is) my crumb flag quilt. i hope to get that done soon....

i've accomplished my goals/projects for January and the reds- i'm looking forward to the new color for February! (does anyone else feel a bit at a loss at the end of the months, wiating for a new color?) 

i'm linking up to RSC red at Angela's blog on Saturday morning- remember to click over and see what everyone else is working on. if you're working on the string-a-long over at Lori's blog, or would simply like an infusion of red strips and scraps- send me an e-mail! i'm hoping to share some of my "extra" red scraps! 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

running right along with the reds...

i'm late the the RSC19 linky party today- we were butchering our pig! we raise about 12 pigs a year, and 2-3 of them are for the family. over the years we've learned to butcher our own- bacon, hams, linked sausage and all! when we first moved to our little farm about 11 years ago, we sent our pigs to the butcher, and got them back frozen in little packages, labeled and in a box ready for the freezer. 

we've *always* butchered our own poultry- the meat birds, turkeys and even the old worn out laying hens. i wasn't too keen to learn how to butcher a pig, but.... Dave really wanted to do it, so about 9+ years ago, we dove right in! we bought a DVD from somewhere online (like or something like that...) our first time butchering (breaking down) the hog, we set up the little portable TV right at the end of our stainless steel counter... then we pressed play, watched the first couple steps... then pressed pause and did just like the professional butcher....

play... pause... cut, cut, cut. play... pause... cut, cut, cut.

now, after 9 years or so, and about 20 pigs, we can do a pig relatively easily and painlessly. i don't think we even turned on TV (or youtube) all day! we're not professionals by any means, but we're confident beginners, and know just what cuts and seasonings we like in our hams, bacon and sausages. (here's the book we use for all our sausage recipes- it's also full of other great info, too, if you're interested in that sort of thing...) 

anyway- little C (who's the oldest grandson at 2yo) walked in this morning, all ready to help Pap cut up the pig! within minutes, he was set up at the work table with a big piece of fat, and a {butter} knife and fork. he proceeded to saw and sort meat with Pap for over an hour! (we worked inside boning small pieces of meat at a time, and then putting it back outside in the 20° weather to cool off and stay safe.) Behind C you can see his little brother L (10 months old) and our youngest daughter, B who is 11. 

now: on to the RSC19 reds! i finished my isosceles triangle quilt this week. it measures 68" X 82". i know the picture isn't the greatest- sorry! my triangles are 6½" per side. i cut my strips WOF at 6½" and then used my triangle ruler to trim them to the right size/angles. (if there is interest, i can do a *tutorial* next month on how i do it...)

this quilt will go in to our church sewing group- Scraps to Wraps and will be tied and donated locally when there is a need. i'll piece the backing, and also cut the binding from my stash. then when we have a need brought to our attention, it will be ready to go with minimal fuss. 

i happened to also have this completed quilt here at my house, and since it's primarily red i thought i'd share it today too. the pattern is called Friendship, and it was pieced by me and quilted by my friend Karen. it's also a donation quilt, and will be mailed off to the MCC quilt sale in Nebraska next week. 

(these postcard patterns are available at my LQS for about $2. i'm a pattern junky when it comes to these things {have you seen how much quilt patterns can cost these days?!} and i have a whole stack of them in my sewing room, just waiting for a pile and inspiration to collide...) 

and: welcome to all the new RSC19ers! i've noticed a bunch of new quilters/bloggers have joined in the RSC fun this year! welcome, again! i don't post here on my blog as much as i might like, but you can follow me { jlcap69 } over at Instagram. i'm more active there... and be sure to click over to Angela's at soscrappy and see what everyone else is stitching up this weekend! 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Plugging right along...

i haven't actually done too much sewing this week on my RSC projects, but i've done some cutting, planning and pondering!

that counts for somehting, right? ha! 

one important thing i did was to re-install EQ5 on my computer to help me with designing and sizes of some of my quilts. (yes, EQ5 is old- but it works just fine for me!) i was especially glad to have the math help with my isosceles quilt. (still can't spell that...)

but- even with the extra math boost, i somehow managed to cut too many triangles! oh well, i plan on making one each month anyway, and maybe i'll have enough *extra* blocks at the end of the year to make a rainbow one! (that would be pretty cool, actually!)

Friday, January 04, 2019

Starting Fresh Again!

a new year- a new start- a new color!

my drawer of 3" squares is not getting any emptier

so i thought of a few new blocks to make for RSC19. First up is the light/dark 9 patches, as inspired here

i have {only} 5 new projects that i'm planning on working on for RSC19.

the second block i'll be making this year is a take-off of a Split Rail Fence block, using my 3" squares again. 

i was inspired to make this particular looking block while wondering around on bloggy-land or pinterest, but don't even remember where or when the inspiration hit! 

linking up to Angela's blog on Saturday morning. go see what everyone else has started for RSC19!


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