Saturday, July 28, 2018

bleeding red: a photo dump for July!

I saw a hashtag on instagram: #julyvalanche and I can attest that that accurately describes July (and August) in the gardens and fields! SO. MUCH. PRODUCE.
lots of Farmer's Markets, too- sometimes 3 a week, but it's all good! Most of our produce is selling well, and we're eating well ourselves. life is good!

4 more 9 patches with the Kona indigo. I think I have a few more reds in my stash, but I need to dig them out first...

17 more eclectic AND bohemian 9 patches were added to my stack this month.

I've made progress on the Squared Away BOM, just no pictures to sew. (maybe next week...) I've pulled the red and teal 3" squares for my RSC18 Growing Up Odd, but that's as far as I got...

Be sure to click on over to So Scrappy and see what everyone else is doing!


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