Friday, April 29, 2016

More good news!

I'm really happy how my RSC16 column-along is coming. the Kona solids make me pretty happy, too! BUT WAIT: there's MORE good news!  

I borrowed an accuquilt die cutter from a friend, and a (different) friend and I cleaned out the cupboard at Scraps2Wraps of all the miscellaneous (and super-annoying) little bits of small and oddly shaped fabrics. I brought them home, and in just a little over 1 hour, was able to cut this 9½" tall stack of tumblers! I was very happy about that BUT WAIT: there's MORE good news!

Friday, April 15, 2016

just a little bit...

what a week! last Saturday morning started chilly and snowy- we got 3" of snow!!! and this Saturday promises to be even busier- it's supposed to reach 70+ degrees today! so that means lots of garden work for us- laying the fabric floor in the high tunnel- in preparation for planting the tomatoes. we'll also be laying the plastic mulch in the middle garden- in preparation for planting broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower in the middle garden.

just a few sewing evenings in the sewing room this week- but I got all my crumb blocks done for the month. I still need to work on my pinwheel blocks for Angela's sampler. maybe that will happen this week?
I started these S4P blocks way back in September of 2014! in looking back over my RSC posts to find where I started these, I see that I've whined about how fiddly they were and SUCH a pain in the butt the whole way! (sorry about that!)
last Saturday, during our snowstorm, I took the time to lay out the blocks so I could get the top sewn together. (remember when I asked what color to use for the alternate blocks? you guys chose blue, so that's what I went with. GREAT CHOICE: thanks!)
I kind of took the lazy way out- I laid all my blocks out horizontally on the school room table in a 14X14 layout. then (and here's the tricky part!) I picked them all up diagonally and stacked them up. using the printout from my EQ5, I sewed them all together with the blue setting block.

and TA~DA: it's done! the early morning sun is casting some funky shadows, but I lovelovelove how it turned out. it's about 80" square, and I have enough of the blue for the binding. the moral of the story is: don't whine about fussy little blocks, because they always turn out great in the end!
and turning to other great news: my daughter and her husband told us last week that they're expecting their first baby in October! whoo hoo! so excited about that, of course! and the even better news is: they're not planning on finding out the gender of the new baby, so I guess i'll have to make a pink AND a blue quilt just so this grandma is prepared!

Friday, April 08, 2016

Orange you glad it's spring?!

the calendar says "spring" but the snow and cold weather this week says "April Fools!" crazy weather here in NE PA, but at least it's sunny! I look outside at the sunny, beautiful weather (when it's not snowing) but when I go outside, I'm shocked at how cold it is!

I hung up all 4 rows of my low volume plus quilt (I'm making 9 pluses in each color, and I'll probably add a couple colors that are not in RSC16 to bring the quilt to a nice size) it's a little more busy, and a little less low volume than I was hoping for, but I think it will get better as I go along...

5 more granny squares joined their buddies in the RSC16 drawer; only 4 had their picture taken. for being so short on oranges, I'm surprised at the variety that I have! ( true confession: I did buy 2 FQs- on sale- at my LQS last week, and 2 more at the MCC relief sale...)

had some good news this week; I'll be free to share it next week....

meanwhile, click on over to angela's and see all the other orange projects...

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Just in time...

a few evenings this week were pleasantly passed in the sewing room. I finished up my purples, just in time to check Angela's blog to see that the COM for April is orange.
orange is very meager in my stash, but I recently added about 4 FQ's in anticipation of this month's color. I'm excited to play with some new fabric!

the block for this months Column-Along was the butterfly. he just wasn't singing to me, and I knew that I would never embroider antennas on him to make it look more like a butterfly, so I reverted to the trusty old 16 patches.

lots of purples with some dots of yellows. I love it! (oh, I almost forgot! can you see the BH mystery quilt, Allietare, on the chair? it's all pieced and sewn together; just needs the borders.)

and for those who want to know, here are the Kona purple and yellows that I used in these blocks: regal, amethyst, midnight, bright periwinkle, crocus, mulberry and thistle. buttercup, maize and canary were the yellows.


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