Friday, January 31, 2014

and there was much sewing and piecing in the land...

January has been very cold (pretty much everywhere!) but I've been happily piecing away all month long. I've enjoyed the time in my sewing room, and I'm so thankful that I can take the time to piece away!

again this year I'm doing Judy's mystery quilt. this year it's Tell It To The Stars. here are my first two blocks all completed. I'm loving my fabric choices so far. I've chosen the yellow as my main fabric, banking on the fact that any quilt with the name Tell It To The Stars is bound to have many stars in it! the grey is rock fabric- my favorite, favorite ever! the purple is Kona Lupine, and the blue is the fabric from my wedding. can't wait to see how it turns out month by month...

my daughter A got me this book for Christmas. I was so happy to receive it, and pieced two quilts from it already.

the first is this quilt- I used a neutrals Kona cotton jelly roll, and Kona papaya for the yellow. I plan to quilt it myself, using vertical cables. someday, that is!

next was this one- again, all from stash! when I'm almost done with a fabric, I'll cut it into 2½" strips, and put it in the bin in my closet. there are so many patterns out there that use the 2½" strips, and jelly rolls can be SO expensive, that often I'll make up my own jelly roll. I really like the way this quilt turned out, too! so many of the fabrics have a little story behind them, and it's fun to search for all the different dresses, quilts, pillow cases and shirts that I've made for my children in the past 15+ years.

this was my first Bonnie Hunter mystery- Celtic Solstice. i found out about it at the last minute, but I'm glad I jumped in. again, I pieced this all from stash (isn't that such a good feeling?) I chose to do this mystery, since I know Bonnie's patterns often have gazillions of tiny pieces, and it's so different from what I would normally do. ( I usually shy away from tons of little pieces, and twiddly patterns). but- I'm happy with how this turned out, and would do another mystery of hers- as long as it's only once a year!

most of the chevron blocks I pieced wrong; there are only 7 in the quilt that I pieced the right way. oh, well. I considered ripping them all out, but (easily) talked myself out of it! I have no plans to quilt this at this time, but it's hanging in my sewing room closet with the backing fabric (a blue and orange paisley purchased for $2/yd) all pieced, and the binding fabric cut and rolled with it.
PS: is it just me, or is blogger really irritating? I can't get my pictures to rotate or center the way I want them to. sorry!


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