RSC20 quilts

2020- the year that we could all stay home and sew! i didn't realize just how much i had to show for my sewing efforts of 2020- quite a bit, actually! 

here are the majority of things i worked on during COVID-19; (which i had and recovered from) a surprising amount of FINISHES, and not just FLIMSIES, or PILES OF BLOCKS. (yay, me!) 

Granddaughter E needed a new quilt for her big girl bed. Grammy was thrilled to oblige! lots of crumb blocks were used in her quilt. the backing was a special find on a birthday fabric shopping trip. 

i made 4 pillow covers for the couches in the living room. (it was on my to-do list for MONTHS!) why do those kinds of projects always take forever? 

until next year (RSC21), i'd like to do 4 Christmas themed/colored pillow covers. 

4 I Spy quilts were made for the grandchildren. They were fun to make, and well received. now i have 2 more to make! (my daughter's baby was not yet born, and now son #2 and wife are having another baby in June of '21!)

dear baby Addie Kathleen missed out on {this round} of I Spy quilts. she was born a few weeks after Easter, but she got her own rainbow quilt to welcome her to the world. the pattern is Luminary, by Alison Glass. you can read more about this quilt here

my pile of crumb blocks does get used: and here's evidence!

the flag quilt was started ages ago, and sat for a bit waiting for me to quilt it- but 2020 was the magical year it got done!

both youngest daughters, A and B designed a rainbow crumb quilt, loosely following the design layouts i found on this blog.  they have a Facebook page, too, if you're interested. 

right now these 2 quilts are hanging in the sewing room closet, waiting for another time to be quilted. (the budget, and/or shoulder!) only allow a finite number of quilts to be professionally long-arm quilted, unfortunately! 

this rainbow crumb quilt was sewn, quilted and mailed off to a new owner late this fall. it was made for a young man, Cameron, in residential foster care in Tennessee. we sent him some other goodies, too. 

the slower pace of this year allowed me to jump into the #snowflakequiltalong this time. {last year i wishfully purchased the pattern, but was unable to sew along} 

as you might have guessed, i used the AMPLE 3" squares from my NEVER ENDING MAGICAL DRAWER, instead of the 3½" called for in the pattern. the sew along was fun, easy and quick. this quilt is even quilted, bound, washed AND hanging in my living room as i type! 

i love the colors- it's a wintery quilt, so can stay up until April, at least. also, i love(d) the look of the asymmetrical snowflake, but i decided that i didn't equally love the uncompleted snowflake. so i added another row (color) and my quilt is a nice size now. 

a friend asked me to teach this quilt as a class for her and her daughters/DIL for an early Christmas present, so i have another one cut out, and ready to stitch. (grey and rainbow polka dots) 

here is the ever patient Daisy the donkey posing with my second (and final) RSC16 column along quilt. it was a gift for daughter and hubby Christmas of 2017. it was finally quilted, and M asked me to bind it for her. now it lives on the back of her sofa, when it's not being drug around by the grandsons. 

Red Christmas Stars: a multi year quilt in the making. design, fabric pull, block assembly, flimsy stage, quilting and binding all took place in (i'm pretty sure) different years. but it's done now, and sees lots of use on the sofa during movie time. 

Rainbow Blocks. this one lives on my bed (along with a couple others) and it's one of my favorites! it's nice and big, too, which is great for these cold winter nights. Rainbow Blocks was started in RSC17, but it took until RSC20 to get it quilted AND bound!) 

Rainbow blocks was pieced with 3" squares from my RSC drawer. (still in no danger of being depleted, however!) 

Technically not RSC, but it was A's first quilt, and she's very proud of it, as you can see! (and she did a great job, too, sticking through to the end. sewing is not her very favorite thing, and as we know, piecing a quilt can get a bit tedious.) this quilt lives on A's bed. pattern and fabrics from Kitchen Table Quilting. 

i pieced the blocks for this quilt, Rainbow Rows, for RSC19. it's made all from stash, and all from the 3" squares. again, this is one of our favorites. it lives on the rocker in the living room, and it's one of the first quilts to be pulled for snuggling. 

 the backing is from stash, too: a hoarded ruler/measuring print (don't remember where/who from) and a fun, colorful binding. this quilt was finished during the initial shutdown/massive quarantine of COVID-19. 

Rainbow Plus was a quilt from RSC16 that was finally completed this year(ish). I gifted it to a dear friend, H. there are only so many beds, ladders, railings, sofas, grandchildren and rockers that we can use, drape or gift our quilts to, right? H's spontaneous joy, delight and gratitude over the gift of this quilt far outweighs any (miserly, hoarding) desire i might have had to keep it in my house. 

besides, many of the fabrics are the same in Rainbow Plus and Rainbow Blocks (and Rainbow Rows, come to think of it!), so instead of halving my quilts, i just doubled the joy


scraphappy said...

What a beautiful collection of rainbow themed quilts. So much warm and snuggly happiness to enjoy. So fun to have an unlimited supply of rainbow squares and crumbs to pull from!

Sherrie said...

Beautiful quilts...I really like the one Daisy is standing in
front colorful. Have a great day!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love all your beautiful quilts - so fun to see this gallery of photos! The flag quilt made out of red, white, and blue crumbs is just wonderful!

Deb A said...

So many beautiful rainbow quilt finishes for you! Great use of the imposed home time this year. Love when quilts are pulled around and snuggled under.

Cathy said...

You’ve made some gorgeous and inspiring quilts over the years! I’m always amazed at the simple beauty that emerges from under your needle! I’m glad you’ll be playing along in again in 2021!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow!! What a fabulous year of rainbow scrappy fun!

Jenny said...

Havent you done welL! I love all the photos of the little ones with their quilts, so precious. An Daisy the Donkey looks delightful.

gayle said...

Wow! And again WOW! You've got a fantastic stack of rainbows!


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