Saturday, October 29, 2016

One square at a time, and progress is made!

I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with all my RSC16 piecing. Just a few more black, red and yellow granny squares, and then that project is done for this year!

I have a suitcase full of 3" squares- I started the task of cutting my scraps that size way back in RSC14, when I worked through my stash to get it more manageable. READ: useable. I've made many, many quilts from those 3" squares! I love the size: not too big, not too small. Just Right! ( I should call them my Baby Bear Squares! ha!)

for RSC15 I pieced 4 patches in monochromatic colors. I ended up with probably about 200 of them. the 4 patches sat, until inspiration struck. I had Bonnie Hunter's book, (can't remember which one...) and she did a bow-tie quilt. 

seemed like a good idea! so I paired my 4 patches with (a few more) 3" squares from the suitcase, as well as Kona ivory, papaya and storm to make this quilt. it finishes at a whopping 101" square! i'll use up some black prints from my stash for the backing, and then it's ready to be quilted for one of the MCC relief auctions next year.
I'm working on updating the RSC tabs at the top of my page (I  might have mentioned that before... ) and one of these days I'll surprise you all (and myself!) and get those tabs all updated, sorted out, and accurate!
click on over to angie's blog: she's the hostess of RSC, and see what everyone else is doing these days- tons of pretty quilts to look at, or gather inspiration from...


Kate said...

The bow tie quilt is so fun and colorful. Sometimes it just takes a while for inspiration to strike. I'm really looking forward to seeing your Granny Square quilt come together, I like those blocks more very time I see them.

PaulaB quilts said...

Only three more colors to do. Good for you. It will make a great rainbow quilt. The bow tie is really different with those black sashes and bits of gold. It seems like looking through a window effect, very special. Great use of all those 3-inch pieces.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Scrappiest Bow Ties EVER!!! AWESOME!!!


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