Monday, December 22, 2008

through the eyes of a child...

this Christmas is especially full of wonder and anticipation because we have all been blessed with the privilege of seeing the birth of The Baby through the eyes of a child.

i am a collector of nativity scenes, and have many that have special meaning to me. but, i also have several sets that are just for the children to play with- so they can act out the story in their playtime, making Jesus' birthday all the more understandable. early this month i retrieved from the attic one of our most durable nativity sets, and sat down with A to tell her the story- starting with the angel Gabriel's startling news to Mary, ending with the arrival of the Wise Men, and the 3 presents they brought to the Baby. A listened to the story with rapt attention, and wanted to hold the baby Jesus, and even wrapped Him in a tissue so He would be "toasty warm." while i don't expect A to comprehend, or even remember the whole story, i wanted to help her begin to understand why we celebrate Christmas. i want it to be real to her.

the little girls and i were asked to participate in our church's Christmas play. the girls and i went up on stage to see the baby Jesus, and Mary and Joseph, and were to say a little poem and finger play to the new baby.

at our first rehearsal, A was enthralled and captivated. the look on her face is one that i will never forget. she was filled with wonder and awe- to her this was the baby Jesus, and she was allowed to hold Him! she held the baby doll, and i could hear her murmuring to him. she caressed his head, and kissed his face, gently making sure he was covered with a blanket. to A, this was Real. this was the Story and the Baby that i had told her about. her reverence and wonderment is a poignant reminder to me to remember why we celebrate this day. it's not about the presents, the cookies, the decorations, or our tree. and of course, i already knew that. but it can be so easy to become caught up in the busyness and hustle and focused on our to-do-list. we forget that Christmas is just half the story. Jesus came to die for our sins, to go from being Immanuel in the manger, to being our Savior on Easter morning. when i see the pure, unadulterated joy and amazement on A's face, i remember what Jesus said: "let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

both little girls continue to play with our nativities, and i pray that as all the children grow, they will not only love the Baby in the manger, but know and serve the Savior on the cross.

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Angie said...

Oh, I just love your wooden nativity. It looks like it could be made quite easily.

I have that same fabric one also. I made it last year when I was learning to sew, so it isn't very well constructed. But I still enjoy it.

Your girls are SO cute!

The centerpieces on my blog are made using a pillar candle, 3 candy canes and artificial holly. You just hot glue the candy canes and holly onto the candle. Just make sure that the candy canes are even at the bottom or it will wobble.

I have your hair bows all done. Would you like me to mail them? Or if you want them in time for Christmas , I could maybe meet you in Wysox or something. Whatever you prefer.


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