Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too many tapeworms!

our house is a busy place this summer, and dave and the boys work hard all day long. we have many projects going as we work to fix up our old farmhouse, and prepare for winter. the boys are expected to be up by 7:30 and have their chores done by 9AM, ready to start working for the day. they work until 5PM, and then have free time until bed at 10:30 (if they can stay awake that long!)

someone at our house is always hungry- this is not surprising, considering the fact that we have 3 teenage boys, and that they are doing hard, manual labor most of the day- this makes for some very hungry workers around 3PM. this summer, for the first time, i have assigned someone the chore of making snack. it's usually something simple- cake, jello, bread or buns, crackers and marshmellows or muffins. they all look forward to something home made with love, and enjoy the respite before heading back out to work.

another added (and unforseen) benefit is that i have been able to save on the grocery bill. with a planned snack, we have less foraging and grazing, which means we're not eating as much. we do go through a lot of sugar, flour and eggs, but overall i'm not buying as much, and what i have bought is planned out better.

it's just a small thing, i know, but it works for me!


Wani said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

This is working at my house, too. The kids, 15 & 11, take turns coming up with creative snack ideas. I let them plan ahead by adding to the grocery list, but insist they be mindful of healthy and homemade options. I've been very pleased with their choices and they've surprised me with some yummy treats I never would have thought of!

Good WFMW!

*j-u-l-e-s* said...

Here are my crockpot recipes per your request! :o)


There are the crockpot recipes! Enjoy!



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