Friday, July 11, 2008

way too much coolness for one day!

my hungry work crew shows up faithfully at 3PM for a snack. today i had something special in mind- 5 minute chocolate cake. besides being fun to make, it tasted good, too! here is the recipe- try it!
4 T flour, 4 T sugar, 2T cocoa, 1 egg, 3 T milk, 3 T oil
mix dry ingredients in a coffee mug. add wet, and stir. microwave on high for 3 min. allow to stop rising, tip out on plate, and enjoy!

amazingly, it really works! we decided that i will make peanut butter icing, and keep that in the fridge. that way the boys can have icing with their cake and milk. yum!

and then another really cool thing happened today. i was out hanging laundry and noticed that as G was mowing the lawn, he kept stopping to gather something from the ground. wondering what it was, i went to see, and he had found all these little toads. we gathered a bunch up, to save them from a horrible death, and after he was done mowing we put them all back. they are all no bigger than 3/8", and i thought that they were really neat.

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