Monday, July 14, 2008

DISCLAIMER: I had absolutely nothing to do with this!

D just got home yesterday after a 2 week hiatus staffing a sea cadet boot camp at fort indiantown gap, near harrisburg. we have observed that he is very tired- he fell asleep in the bus station in harrisburg, and missed the bus to williamsport. he had to stay overnight in hburg, and catch the morning bus. anyway... he's home now, and after oversleeping this morning, he was ready to go at it again. D, and the other boys worked all day at clearing brush, disposing of the plaster in our newly dug hole, moving rocks, and finishing digging the foundation along the front of the addition.

apparently D still has not caught up on his sleep, because as he was waiting for G to make snack, he fell asleep on the freezer. also apparent is the fact that i'm not working N hard enough, because he not only took the opportunity to take a picture of the snoozing brother, but also
the really funny part was that D had NO. IDEA. that he had a beard and mustache just like johnny depp. when he first came inside for snack i was flabbergasted. after the initial shock wore off, both G and i found that we were having a hard time talking to him without the overwhelming need to turn around and walk away, before we snickered out our nose, or something like that. D didn't seem to suspect anything, but he did repeatedly ask "what are you laughing about?" this was made even funnier that he would ask this question with a straight face. i briefly considered sending him to the convenience store for milk, but knew that would have been carrying it a bit too far. oh well. N did tell him a little later, and i will say that D took the whole thing very well. for someone so tired.

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Uncle John - FLORIDA said...


This is a lesson that I hope you remember, since don't think if you join the Navy, this sort of thing stops.

All I can say is "DO NOT fall asleep with your shoes on". If you do, you are fair game. It is amazing what sailors can think up to pass the time....I'll just leave it at that.


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