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quilts, Quilts and more QUILTS!

Welcome to my on-line Quilt Gallery! I'm so glad that you've taken the time to stop by!

My name is Jennifer, and I've been quilting for (what feels like) my whole life. i started quilting and sewing when i was just a teenager, and over 25 years and hundreds of quilts later, I'm still loving quilting! despite our busy family life of gardening, homeschooling and home remodeling, I'm still able to find the time to design and create quilts. I'm thankful for that blessing in my life!

all of the quilts that you will see here were designed and/or created by me, here in my own home. (mostly during nap time, or after bedtime!) i do all the work myself on my Bernina sewing machine. the quilts are all 100% cotton- the pieced top, the batting and the backing.

all my quilts are machine quilted. while some people may feel that the machine quilting is not as desirable, i feel that the machine quiting actually makes the quilts more serviceable. if you've ever been blessed to own a hand-quilted quilt, you know how delicate and fragile it can be. so much so, in fact, that they are generally stored away and only brought out for special occasions!

that's not the case with my quilts! they are very sturdy and serviceable. don't be afraid to use them; whether it's for a family picnic at the beach, a vacation in the mountains or simply snuggling up on the sofa on a cold winters day. the quilt can withstand normal day-to-day wear, and as an added bonus, they are completely machine washable!

now that you're here, fix yourself a cup of coffee and take your time looking at all the quilts. most of these quilts are for sale; however some are for display or example purposes only. if you see any quilt that you love, i can always make one to order- in the colors and design that YOU like the best! (and remember, too see any of the quilts better, just click on the picture for a bigger view)

feel free to contact me with any questions at I'd love to hear from you, and will reply promptly! be sure to stop back regularly, since i have several more quilts almost ready to post in the gallery.

Cardinal's Winter Song- SOLD

13" X 34"


Happy Harbor

46" square

primitive hand quilting


Snowballs in the City

38" square


Coffee Lover's Delight

63" X 76"

this fun quilt is pieced using Moda's jelly roll "Bistro" making it the perfect gift for that special barrista in your life! this quilt will be backed with a nuetral fabric and bound using the aqua coffee bean fabric.

detail of Coffee Lover's Delight


Bali Pinwheels SOLD

84" square
Christmas 9 patch

38" square


Gardener's Delight SOLD

82 X 88

Civil War Blocks SOLD

82 * 98


Civil War Pinwheels SOLD

84" square

Peppermint Pinwheels

24" square

i was having so much fun with the pinwheels that i made a doll quilt too!


Pinwheels Galore!

25 * 29


Chocolate and Pistachio: SOLD

86" x 94"


"Trip Around the Scrap Basket"

67 * 83

this quilt is pieced totally from 9 patch blocks and a few squares! the pattern is intriguing enough to keep your eye traveling around the quilt, rather than resting on one spot.


the "Calendar Quilt" would be a wonderful gift for your favorite bride and groom to be!

each block represents a month of the year, with an appropriate design chosen to symbolically represent it.

this quilt is for example only. choose the color scheme that you desire~ and give a delightful surprise on that special day!

Tossed Nines

another 9 patch with a twist!

58 * 81

$350 (quilt and wall hanging: $425)

detail of "Tossed Nines"

Tossed Nines, wall hanging

a companion wall hanging to the quilt Tossed Nines. with a new quilt for the bed, and the matching wall hanging, any room will look fresh and new with these quilts to brighten up the day!

35" square

$125 (quilt and wall hanging: $425)

Pennsylvania Fieldstones

67 * 95

this quilt is pieced exclusively with Indonesian fabrics, giving it a very modern and interesting look. the quilting is done in a random, linear pattern, adding to the visual interest.


Civil War Schoolhouse Blocks

one dozen schoolhouse blocks done in reproduction civil war fabric comprise the body of this interesting quilt.

Crazy Log Cabin

45" square

this bright log cabin wall hanging is created using the technique "crazy log cabin". the quilt is a random design of colorful fabrics arranged in the "barn raising" design. the quilting is done in variegated thread, and the border is colorful squares.


Star Struck SOLD

32" square

Happy Cats

16 * 41

these happy and relaxed cats are machine embroidered on a muslin background. each cat has her own personality and is sure to bring a smile to the face of the recipient- whether it's you, or someone that you love!


detail of Happy Cats

this quilt was made for my second daughter. (that's her in the picture there) i designed it on my quiting program EQ5, and completed it just before she was born. this is an example of what the computer designing can do. i can design and sew a quilt to your specific specifications.


this quilt was a gift for my oldest daughter. the yellow and blue color combination makes for a classic and cheerful quilt.
you can choose your own colors with equally as stunning results.

this baby quilt was made for our youngest daughter, using reproduction 1930's fabrics. the negative design makes this quilt visually appealing and interesting.

companion dolly quilt

Churn Dash

this is a quilt i made several years ago after seeing it in a magazine. it's my first (and only!) quilt with a flowered and appliqued border.

the mustard yellow and red color combination makes this quilt especially cheerful. i like to use in on our bed on those especially dreary winter days!

Dave's Quilt

i made this quilt as a Christmas gift for Dave several years ago. it's a scrappy quilt, made with many different blues and greens, accented with the red pinwheel corners.

it's quilted in an overall meandering design.

Christmas Log Cabin

this Thimbleberries design is one of our family's favorite quilts. all the fabrics used in this quilt are "homespun", giving it an old-fashioned and antique look.

the quilting is an overall meandering design.

detail of Christmas Log Cabin

9 in 9

this quilt is a classic design- nine patch. the possibilities are endless for this quilt- with the simple change of colors this quilt can have a whole new look.


Unknown said...
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Lori Zimbardi said...

I love the stockings and the quilts. You are very talented. The Pennsylvania Fieldstones is gorgeous.

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I'm so amazed by your talent. If I HAVE to choose a favorite, it would be the very last one pictured.

Hannah said...

Oooh, I really like the Pennsylvania fieldstones. So many beautiful quilts! I would love to learn to quilt someday.

Denise said...

All your quilts are gorgeous but I really love the fantastic civil war quilt. You have a wonderful eye for colors, matching and contrasting :)

Dan said...

I really like your quilts and the stockings. My family has a few quilts that our family made for us and they make the best family treasures. Few things make as great of a gift as a handmade quilt.

Anonymous said...

I love your quilts! I love quilts in general!! Really like the Homespun Christmas quilt - that one is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I really love your quilts - they are beauiful! The Log Cabin Christmas one is my fav. You are quite talented!

Unknown said...

I really like the Civil War Pinwheels. That is just a great quilt!

John and Lisa said...

All these are very beautiful, but my daughter really LOVES the Tossed Nines quilt and wall-hanging! I'll be visiting again.

Alison said...

Your quilts are lovely! I especially like the first one (gardeners delight) and I like the peppermint one too! I wish I had the time to learn to do this, it's something I've always been interested in but never had the space to do it. Now I have the space, and a 6 month old that barely allows me to put her down! Not a good combination to allow for quilting!

Mombrud said...

What beautiful quilts! I love the contrast in your peppermint pinwheel quilt. I learned how to quilt when I was young but never such intricate designs. What a quality endeavor!

Jessi said...

I love the baby blanket. <3 My mom used to make quilts when I was a kid and I remember helping out tons, so this really brought back the memories.

Anna said...

LOVE ALL your quilts, Jennifer. You are truly talented and diligent.
I love the Civil War Pinwheels. It's terrible to pick ONE, though..

Anna Thorburn
Claremont, NH

Julie Bagamary said...

Your quilts are wonderful, colorful and nice precision. Please enter me in the drawing for the stockings.

Sherri said...

Wow! Your quilts are amazing. I'm a country gal that loves to pile them on in the winter. My favorite 2 are the one you made for Dave and the Christmas one. I'd LOVE to win the set of stockings as they would totally fit my country gal style.

Jennifer said...

These are all beautiful, but I link the pinwheel designs the best. Just lovely!

sara@augustfields said...

Wow! amazing talent! my faves are the civil war pinwheels and the 9 in 9. :) gorgeous!

Maria said...

Amazing talent. The colors are beautiful!

Southern Gal said...

You are so talented! I love the Chocolate and Pistachio and the 9 patch quilt. I love them all, but those would be my favorites.

Here from We Are That Family. My daughter and son-in-law are celebrating their first Christmas together this year. I would love the stockings to give to them.

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

I came your way via Kristen @ We are That Family, and have to say you have an amazing gift. Not everyone can create these masterpieces.

Thena said...

WOW!!! Your quilts are so beautiful. I love Gardener's Delight.

Jodi said...

Christmas log cabin is gorgeous! (as are ALL of the quilts!) I'm in awe of that talent! Would love the stockings! I have stockings for the kids but still need a Mom and Dad stocking...this would complete it. =-)


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